About the Score:

Flattery, by contrast, gets us all nowhere; it’s meaningless for the flattered, and demeans the flatterers. If you have a mind, you should speak it." - Andrew Jefford

The score: Yes, I use the 100 point scale, if this makes you unhappy or you disagree with that method, well that’s unfortunate. Sorry to say, there will be no smiley faces, stars or grades, nope none of that, just cold hard numbers [ouch]. 

The score of wine will break down this way; I give every wine a base point score of 50 points from there, I add the following:

Color: Up to 5 points

Aroma: Up to 10 points

Flavor: Up to 10 points

Texture: Up to 10 points

Overall: Up to 10 points

Finally I also use QPR [quality, price, and ratio] score of up to 5 points.

What the scores mean:

95-100 Epic: Will you marry me?

90-94 Wine-tastic Juice: Wanna meet my folks?

85-89 Very Good: Hey, can I call you tomorrow?

80-84 Okay: Oops, looks like I lost your number.

75-79 Marginal: Um what was your name again? [will not be reviewed]

50-74 Dreadful: Umm why was this bottled? Not even recommended for Vinegar. [will not be reviewed]


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