You can’t get where you want to be until you know where you want to go. ~ Dave Stone
How to join #winechat

Hi, folks if you're wondering where all the #winechat info went and maybe even where I went? Then, you can find it at the link just above [just the info, not me ha!]. 

It's true; I'll be unplugging from my role on the #winechat team and handing off complete control to the wine-tastic team @ProtocolWine. It has been a fun-ride and I have enjoyed the many interactions and conversations with other like-minded vino-sapiens and the many different wine-biz professional who were and are hosts over the last six months. 

Have no fear though, #WineChat will be in great hands of the 
@ProtocolWine Studio team and of course I'll be around on occasion just to keep things real! All kidding aside, it's has been true honor to work with the amazing @ProtocolWine team, fantastic wine professionals! #WineChat    

I've got some other ideas about where I'd like to push the boundaries of [wine related] Social Media, so sticks around things are just about to get interesting. That said, please stay tuned and until next time please remember life is short, sip long and prosper cheers!


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