What's is the Justification?

Justin Justification 2006
Bordeaux Red Blends
Central Coast, California

(this vintage is sold out) Their Price: $41.99 @ wine.com
But it can still be purchased for 36.00 from the winery, if you join the Wine Society or 43.99 without the club. If you purchase six bottles and live in California, here's a gift no shipping charges! Enjoy this one gang!

Again if your in the area, by all means stop by for a visit. Just don't go on Saturday afternoon, unless you want to drown in a sea of imbibers.. so I would recommend booking an early midweek tour and tasting. I would love to hear back about your adventures with this wine. Until then Cheers!

Yum factor of 4 Stars - 11/14/2008 I would buy this wine again Some times you wonder how any wine can be so good and for a reasonable price. This wine hits both notes in stride and takes it to the house! If you love wine and the NFL, well you will definitely understand when I say, this wine could go...... all... the wayyyyy!! This wine danced on our palates like a lithe ballerina @ the Nut Cracker and delivered quite a performance. Wow a long persistent finish, soft gentle red fruits, a nice spice box on the mid-palate and the Alc. is unobtrusive. This wine will most likely sell out quickly! I went to Justin in October and purchased two, came home and a couple of weeks later drank another one. I just ordered another 1/2 case. Better Hurry!

Tasting Tags: Cab Franc and Merlot Food Pairing Tags: Just about anything! Was this review helpful?


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