Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

It's that time of the year and some of you may being going to gift exchanging events or simply want to give some of your wine loving friends a gift that shows your bon vivant taste as well your prowess in choosing quality wines and its accompaniments without breaking the bank.

Last year when my wife and I were in this predicament, while wanting to give a interesting gift that also involved a little more personalization then the simple choice between basket A or B at Costco. We saw many gift baskets, which included a couple wine choices pre-packaged with assorted items which did not necessarily pair with the wine. We thought why would we give someone a "pre-made" gift basket with wines with which we had know experience.
So we embarked on making our own gift baskets. We purchased all are items Cost Plus World Market who had everything with which to create our personalized gift baskets. The had little cheeses, chocolates, wine, baskets and if you want to be Eco, then I suggest shredding some old paper grocery bags which looks great as basket filler. We chose two wines a red and a white, (or one bottle of nice Champagne and my suggestion is the Gloria Ferrer Royal Cuvee) and we included a different x-mas ornament for everyone. They ran us about $48.00 each basket. We wrapped them up and were a huge hit. We were pretty proud of our creativity and I invite you to do the same this year!

This year I came across a new product which I've seen before, but these seem to be far more fun! There are many themes and they are removable. They are personalized wine labels from Cerebral Itch . So before you finish up your gift basket get some of those wine labels from Paul and you'll be giving your friends a thoughtful gift and good chuckle as well! I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season! Until next time Cheers everyone!

Cerebral Itch Wine Labels


Anonymous said…
NIce one indeed
Anonymous said…
Thanks there for such beautiful collections.I wish you all a Happy Christmas and New year eve beforehand.

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Erika Mitchell said…
If you like those personalized wine labels, I highly recommend you check out and check out their wine labels. They have a great prices and a ton of great templates you can use.

My husband and I use them for our personalized wine bottles every year and they're great.
Will Eyer said…
Hey thanks for tip about the personalized wine labels, I did indeed check them out and you're right very nice! Happy Holidays!

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