Broman meets Beef Wellington at the Wine Vault and Bistro

Is there anything better than hanging out at the Wine Vault and Bistro here in San Diego on a Friday evening, enjoying great wine, good company and deliciously paired food to toast the start of spring in San Diego? To that question I must say no, as we all need to live in moment for none of knows what tomorrow will bring, that said check out this interesting line-up below.

For Starters: We started the evening off with the NV Piper Heidsieck Brut Champagne (55% PN, 30% PM and 15% Chard.) which is paired with Duck Confit, Queso De Idiazabal and King Crab. This was a delightful pairing, but I am not sure it was all the 90 points WS gave it, as this Champagne would not pass the “smell-test” as a cocktail quaffer on its own.

The next course: Lobster Bisque (with Chive Oil and Micro Fennel) paired with a 2006 Spann Vineyards Chardonnay/Viognier blend, which in it’s own right is quite good. However, it did not pair well with the Bisque and thus dampened our enthusiasm for this portion of the evening.

The Main Entrée: Beef Wellington, Creamed Spinach and Potato Pavé and we are offered two 3oz pours of Cabernet for this pairing. The first is the 2005 Mesa Cabernet Sauvignon from the Knights Valley, Sonoma. I am sorry to say this wine fell flat on its face, described as a back and forth of dusty-fruity nuances, um I think dusty pinned fruity it in 3 seconds, because the fruit was no where to be found. Geez, big disappointment considering coin, I paid to sample these wines.

Preferred Pairing: It should have been paired with Broman Cabernet instead and was in fact what I did as I poured out the other wine [mentioned above] and was so happy I did, as I found out that the Broman Cabernet and Beef Wellington were a match made in heaven.

My ship comes in: This wine [referenced below] came steaming in like the U.S. Navy for some target practice off the coast of Somalia. WOW, our group was bowled over with this 100% Cabernet [yep, you heard that right] and the 2003 Broman Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is not blended with any other grape [unusual]. This wine expressed full extraction and displayed pure red varietal fruit often associated with a Cabernet of this caliber, segued to a long lingering finish which paired ever so nicely with the Beef Wellington. My wife and the others with us purchased a few to take home, selling for $44.00 each I thought it was well worth it, considering this wine is the total package. This wine demonstrates perfectly what Napa Cabernet is all about and why Cabernet Sauvignon is the King of grapes.

According Broman Cellars: This 100% Cabernets fruit is source “came from two esteemed Napa vineyards. The blend consists of 40 per cent Cabernet Sauvignon from the gravelly Dr. Crane Vineyard in Saint Helena and 60 per cent Cabernet from the gently eastern sloping Rutherford Georges III vineyard. This wine was aged in French oak for 24 months” before being bottled.

About the Broman: Robert Broman has been ‘in wine’ for more than 30 years. As winemaker for some of the most prestigious wineries in the world, Robert Broman has perfected his skills, making some of the most well made, hand crafted wines you will find on the market. Today he brings his depth of skill and accomplishment to bear in making his own wines under the name Broman Cellars, where he makes wines of remarkable distinction.

What's the Score: Hey point seekers here's my score if your interested: This wine scored 92 points on the CCWB 100 point tasting scale and I have labeled this wine a "best-buy".  If you are curious, how I come up with my scores, please consult the Wine Review Process tab above to the right.

Where to Purchase: There are a few places to purchase this wine that I know of, one is the San Diego Wine Vault and Bistro, who as of this writing only has three left. You can also go directly to the wineries website and purchase them there or third there's La Maison Gourmet in Mission Viejo. But I would say this is your last call, snooze you lose, as this wine is a run don't walk type purchase or you could get stuck on isle of good intentions, where everyone is thirsty for a bottle of great vino.

Other Voices: Matt Greenberg Says: [who? another cork-dork like me] "I had the pleasure of an invite on July 4th to view the fire works and knowing my good friend Derek would delve into one or more of his 2500 bottle selection in the celler under his home. After a bottle of Hall cabernet, out came a bottle of 2003 Broman Cabernet WOW! ” [another wow] what a balance of big and bold. A chewy ripe plum. I thought I was drinking a bottle of screaming eagle for $48. One of the best bottles of cabernet ever. I live in Napa and enjoy good wine regularly, but was truly surprised! Cheers to Mr. Broman!

My Recommendation: First, once you taste this wine it should illustrates perfectly, why where the grapes come from is a difference maker between a good wine and a wine of distinction. Second, please buy as many as you can afford, this wine will impress any “snobby” friends you may have or that boss [they'll think you spent a fortune] who’s a wine hound and may you get you that fat promotion you’ve been expecting. All kidding aside this wine represents a great bang for the buck. Lastly, for the full enjoyment of this wine I would recommend a least an hour of decanting beforehand. So until next time, stay thirsty my friends, cheers!


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