The sky's the limit with personalized labeled or etched wine bottles!

I was looking around for a place to get some engraving done on a bottle of wine, a bottle of Vintage Port specifically. I've a son graduating this year and I thought a bottle of Port from the year he was born would be a great idea! But I wanted to personalize the bottle, to commemorate his commencement day, so they day he actually opened the bottle he could reflect not only on the wonderful Vintage Port, but also as a way to recall the enjoyment of that day.
Personalizing a bottle of wine is a great gift idea in many ways, including impressing a client, a thoughtful and unique gesture for a wedding gift, or birthday! Just about any occasion you may think of really. I mean who doesn't appreciate a good bottle of wine or spirits? A gift like this from Etching Expressions is what I would call a meaningful gift.
Since I thought it was such a wonderful way to express my love of wine to others and at the same time personalize the gift as well, I contacted them directly an asked if I could write something about this great idea. So they said sure, some free advertising would be great, and how about we make a bottle etched with your own logo from your blog. Since I don't have a logo Tasha @ Etching Expressions came up with a bottle design for my blog. I think it turned out nicely! Check the picture below!

They have so many great ideas on how to prepare the perfect gift for your friends, colleagues or business partners you will definitely find what you've been looking for and be completely satisfied. Whether you want to etch their wines bottles or maybe you have something you would like to send them and have them etch on your preferred bottle of wine, you do have a choice. Their wine choices include California blended wines as well as many name brand selections, which includes Champagne and Spirits. So if there is a specific wine you are interested in, and you do not see it on their site, please give them a call and they will do their best to accommodate you! Maybe your thinking you're not into having the bottle etched, maybe you want a custom labeled wine bottle ? Well they offer that too! The choice is yours and the sky is the limit! Just give them a call @ 866.944.ETCH (3824).
I asked Tasha my contact @ Etching Expressions about a concern of sending in my own bottles of wine. My questions was about the removal of the front label and or back labels to accommodate the etching process. Because of course I want the recipient of my gift to appreciate the caliber of wine I've sent in non-direct way.
Tasha replied, "When a customer sends in their wine it is typically because it is a specific brand name that they want, whether it be a friends winery, their winery, or their favorite brand. To keep that brand name relevant and visible on the etched bottle we keep the front label on. However, when done on our house wine, brand isn't really important so we remove the front label. Any other questions please let me know!" So you can see with great customer service and professionalism like Tasha, you and the recipient of your gift will be completely satisfied. If you have any further questions please check out their website and when you place your order tell them the Cuvee Corner Wine Blog sent you!


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