Wining and Dining Al Fresco: San Diegos Buon Appetito

Anyone who has vacationed in a foreign country for a even a small amount of time knows readjusting to "everyday" life in San Diego can be a drag. While you may have missed certain cultural aspects of the U.S. may have been missed while abroad; like driving and smoke-free eateries. However, when returning home, many travelers find some parts of life lacking when they are compared to a previous dining experiences abroad.

Many travelers [including me] may miss the finer nuances of the alfresco dining [patio] experience, where every day is different and even going to the market can be an adventure. If you have traveled abroad in Spain or Italy, many travelers miss the recently accustomed warmth [but without the mosquitoes please] of the Mediterranean dining culture, as many restaurants offer outside dining [mostly because of the heat] as they tend not to be big believer's in Air Conditioners [just a little fact that may shock the first time traveler].

To the question: Are you looking for ways to re-create those European dining experiences in your own everyday life? Hey San Diego restaurant-goers and wine lovers alike, it's time [spring is in the air] to take to the streets, opting to enjoy the sunshine alongside your meal and a great glass of vino. Which is why I want to introduce to you to Buon Appetito in San Diego's Little Italy, where dining at an outside table facing India St. might take you all the way to Italy for a few hours.

Food: is often one of the most memorable parts about traveling abroad. Finding restaurants which are reminiscent European dining experiences can help you recall and recapture the buzz of previous trips, and reinvigorate you from hum-drum of everyday life. It may involve a little searching, but there are cuisine options right here in San Diego likely to remind of your own Al-Fresco dining experiences from past trips and at Buon Appetito you'll find "Nouvelle Italian" and classic Italian dishes are effortlessly blended together. But just be aware that the patio area fills up quickly on nice days, so be sure to make reservation, well in advance.

The Gist: Like a traditional Italian family, Buon Appetito is small but comfortable, and the food is delicious, fresh and authentic. A slightly campy, rotating art adorns every wall, as patrons sit nearly elbow to elbow, a college aged waiter staff, booming conversations all contributing to the restaurant's trattoria style approach.The main concept behind the restaurant according to Buon Appetito : "That is why we have this restaurant: To remember who we are and that is why we come together in celebration of food, wine and art." Well said!

The Wine List: The wine list is robust enough for what it needs to be - complimenting your meal but not overwhelming to the point where only a wine-snob could navigate. Buon Appetito understands that wine is there for your food, and not the other way around, and thus simplicity in selection meets greatness in flavor you can savor. You can order very traditional Italian varietals, but if your California palate is uncomfortable with those wines, then they have a nice selection of wine from the Golden State with a few other New World selections in the mix.
Wine Bar Next Door: They have a new, very comfortable and inviting wine bar called Sogno Divino which is right next to the restaurant. A great place to relax, imbibe on some yummy Italian varietals while waiting for your table or to just catch up with friends before heading out on the town, you could also grab a quick bite in the form of their very tasty appetizers.
Italian Market: Okay, you leave the restaurant and your thinking, "man it would be great to re-create this at home" well here's your chance to try your hand at cooking some traditional Italian cooking at home. There's a little Italian Market next door as well called, "The Market by Buon Appetito". You have to check it out, and see it for yourself.
So if you're new to San Diego or you're here to stay this a part of our town worth exploring and taking the time to swirl, sniff and sip your way to some culinary pleasures of the Italian persuasion. Until next time stay thirsty my friends and Buon Appetito, ciao!


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