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Hey San Diego, here's a great event for all you foodies and cork-dorks out there, looking for something to do next weekend. I've been given an invite to check it out for you before you make up your minds. So tomorrow a bunch of other wine blogging folks and foodie bloggers will take a sneak-peek, a preview if you will of the upcoming "Gourmet Experience" and from what I've read, it sounds like it would thrill just about any "foodie" or wine geek in the "local" San Diego Market place. 

Like I mentioned earlier this event will be held right here in San Diego on October 9-10, 2010 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds [even though you're not supposed to call it that anymore], the event features countless exhibitors showcasing and selling gourmet cuisine, products and services crafted for the everyday gourmand, "foodie" or just plain everyday folks who love a decent [well made] pile of chow on their plates. So after the preview-event is over I will be back on my keyboard to let you know the skinny, so stay tuned.

My Recommendation: As I said, last Tuesday I would get back here in time before you make your plans for the upcoming weekend. Which according to the weather report I looked at, should be bright, warm and sunny! Okay, so I went to the "Preview" event last Tuesday night fantastic and it was something everyone should definitely check out! Make sure you say "hello" to the great folks at Sip, Smoke and Savor if you like Cigars, Chocolate and Scotch [and who doesn't] and the food samples alone are going to hit your palate with a bomb of great flavors, definitely worth the price of admission. So there you have it, go check the Gourmet Experience this weekend and enjoy, cheers everyone!

Defined: The Gourmet Experience is a food, luxury and lifestyle event showcasing the best in gourmet products and services. From professional cookware to epicurean travel tours to home entertaining, The Gourmet Experience is the ultimate lifestyle event for those with refined and sophisticated tastes.

What else: Find some of the hottest trends of the season in kitchen appliances and culinary products to the newest mouthwatering chocolates, sauces, snacks and cheeses, The Gourmet Experience is the place for enthusiasts to discover the latest in epicurean trends sweeping the country.

~ Tasting from among the newest gourmet foods available today

~ Evaluating the latest in home and outdoor entertaining products

Testing out kitchen equipment

~ Planning their next dinner party

~ Learning new trends in casual and fine china, flatware and crystal

~ Getting up close culinary instruction from some of San Diego’s most celebrated chefs

~ Researching new destinations, resorts, and hotels catering to gourmet  aficionados

~ Sipping on a selection of luxury wines, spirits, and craft beer

~ Exploring large appliance purchases and kitchen remodeling options

Gourmet In Action Stage: The Gourmet Experience features daily cooking demonstrations led by San Diego’s top celebrity chefs. Attendees will get the chance to see their favorite chefs light up the stage as they whip up gourmet delicacies using products found at The Gourmet Experience.

Beer Goggles Please: Just beer me, “That’s the Spirit” Beer & Wine Pavilion is the place for age-appropriate foodies, wine and beer lovers in attendance will be invited to enter the “That’s the Spirit” Pavilion, where they will have the opportunity to get a sip of “the good life” [don't we all want that?] as they taste and explore fine wines, craft beer and spirits produced by award-winning producers.

The Exhibitors: So wondering what to expect? Well you'll find brands you are already familiar with and some you should definitely get to know. So it will be folks that have products or services in the Gourmet Accessories, Gourmet Foods & Beverages, Dining & Entertaining, Gourmet Education, Interior Design, Kitchenware, Outdoor Entertaining, and Travel industries among others are exhibiting at The Gourmet Experience.

Celebrity Chefs: See Chef Jeff Rossman cooking live on the Gourmet "Action Stage" look out the food will be flying and perhaps get a signed copy of his new cookbook! Also you don't want to miss award-winning Executive Chef, Brian Malarkey who also will be demonstrating [watch him on the Gourmet Action Stage] his passion for cooking and entertaining as someone who has become the driving force behind the pursuits in both the culinary entertainment industry. See his video below.

Okay now that I've hopefully wet your appetite, here's the 411 on the where, when and how much:

Single Day Passes: Gourmands [foodie/corkdorks] looking to satisfy their hunger for a single day of The Gourmet Experience may purchase a Single Day Pass, good from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. on either one of the action-packed days. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

The Weekend Gourmet: Oh so you want the whole enchilada do ya, then this would be your ticket to ride, go for the “The Weekend Gourmet” pass, which will give you access to the expo for the entire weekend. Tickets are $40 in advance and $45 at the door.

Bonus: Free Admission for Children 12 Years of Age and Under

Bring the whole family: The Gourmet Experience is perfect for those up-and-coming gourmands looking to get a sample of the gourmet lifestyle. Children under the12 years of age are admitted into the expo at no cost. Tickets: Click Here


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