Travel Tuesday: Seattle's Sea-Tac Airport

With the drum beat of the gift-giving season rapidly increasing its beat and many businesses, schools and government offices getting ready to close up for the holiday break, it's time to think about getting away. Yes, time for the "family" vacation to spend time with loved ones or perhaps you just want to beat it down to old Acapulco Bay, with the rest of the snow-birds. Where you may still hear old blue-eyes croon, pack-up, it's time to fly away.

I've been doing a bit of traveling lately, running around the planet [okay mostly Spain and Italy] attempting to track down, the place where great wines meet reasonable prices, meeting the wonderful folks behind the labels, meeting winemakers, seeing the terroir where the grapes are actually growing and traipsing through dozens of  tasting rooms along the way. But in order to get out there, you have to wade through some pretty tasteless and unforgiving terrain, known to many travelers as the airport concourse, while waiting for your flight [which is sometimes hours].

I can't say I've been to every airport around the globe, not even close and some of you will be able to top my own experiences, fantastic. But to date, for me personally if I have to get stuck at an airport for a long layover, then I want to spend those long layover hours in Seattle's Sea-Tec Central Terminal. Why you may ask? Well perhaps, it's because they have free Wi-Fi, a great view of incoming and out going plane traffic, comfortable seating, charging stations, a few decent dining options, or perhaps most of all someone got smart and added a sanctuary for the civilized. 

What am I talking about? Of course I'm referring to a wine bistro, called Vino Volo. A groovy little slice of heaven for the weary wandering wino that serves wines by the glass or grab a "flight" before your flight. You can also treat your
self to a full menu of gourmet small-plates, just take a peek at the menu, I scored the carnitas plate, while slurping down a trio of wines from Washington State. Now while I had a great experience and commend it to you, just be aware that the prices for bottle purchases seem a bit above, normal retail, but fall far below prices many restaurants charge via extreme mark-ups.

Also as a bonus, lets say you find a wine you love during your tasting they are available for purchase, and since you're in the "secure-zone"  allowing you to take your chosen wine on the connecting flight as a carry-on or you have the option to have it shipped home. So the next time you're in Seattles Sea-Tac please avail yourself of the vino-topia that awaits the thirsty vino-sapien, with a visit to Vino Volo. I wish you all safe travels this year, where ever you end up and the very merriest of holidays to you all. Until next time sip long and prosper, cheers!


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