Under the Tuscan Sun: Villa Le Vigne

A trip to Tuscany reminds me of a popular Italian phrase you may say to your sweet-heart or in my case something I've told Mrs. Cuvee at one time or another. "Come un raggio di sole hai illuminato la mia vita" roughly translated means; like a ray of light you have brightened and warmed my life. That sentiment is expressed for me so uniquely with each and every trip I 've take to Italy, especially so in Tuscany. Each visit is a cause for reflection; sitting back, under the bough of olive tree, enjoying a slice of Tuscan-nice, as I like to call it.  It's with great pleasure and enthusiasm; that I will be heading back to Italy in a few days. I'm of coursevery excited. Part of my trip was originally planned for a couple extra days before the upcoming conference in Umbria. I was to stay at place that will remain on my "wish-list" of wonderful places I'd love to stay the next time I find myself in the Tuscan region, it's called Villa Le Vigne [Agritourism] and a decanter full of "big-thanks" to them for their very kind invitation to hang with them for a few days before, I'm so bummed it didn't work out.

This return trip possibly inspired by my tossing coins into the Trevi Fountain just last year and as legend goes; it promises visitors who throw money into the fountain that they will one day return to throw more money into the fountain. Not sure this trip really counts [have not punched that ticket yet], but it will be close, as I will be in Rome only briefly and unfortunately no where near the famed fountain. That aside, I'm sad that my trip this year, will not include a visit with the wonderful folks at Villa Le Vigne. But I wanted to high-light them as a great place to set up your base of operations, for your very own visit to the Tuscan country side. There are so many great places to visit within easy striking distance, Florence, Montalcino to name a few for day-trips.

It appears to be very similar to a place I stayed while visiting Tuscany in 2008, Mrs. Cuvee and I stayed on a vineyard in Castellina in Chianti. But Villa Le Vigne, appears to be a major step-up from the rustic farm-house I stayed at last time. A modern style villa with various options from luxury to laid-back, sitting upon a small boutique family run winery, ideally located in the midst of the Strada del Vino [wine route]. Prices vary for a stay, but I look for an off-season date, a highly recommended way to go and lands firmly my reasonable zone. Frankly the weather is more appealing in the spring, the August and September high-season months can be a bit brutish with the temps and humidity. For more information and details about pricing, reservations and other needed information, please take a look at their website. I have also added a quick video below, which will help you get a sense or the essence of who they are and what you may experience with a stay of your own. Until next time, folks I wish you all safe travels; as always remember to sip long and prosper cheers!


Great post & have a wonderful trip! Bring lots of wine home to share w/ us all! Salute!
D' Vine Wine Time
Anonymous said…
She's so lovely!!!

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