Wine Gadgets Uncorked: Wine, Stop and Pour

"The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity." - Walt Whitman

If you're looking for a new "pourer" then look no further than the highly colorful Wine, Stop and Pour from Cork Pops. I was sent a sample of this product for the review process and looking at it, I was quite skeptical, especially because the color scheme is quite flamboyant, reminding more of a brightly colored dogs chew toy, than something I'd use to pour wine.

But my skepticism was soon swept away by this products seamless and effortless ability to pour wines, without so much as single drip down the side. As hard as I tried to make it not work correctly, it performed like a champ, never splashing or spilling an errant drop anywhere other than my glass. The added bonus; is if you are a tasting room attendant or working the bar, this pourer would be a great way to control pour size, the silicon seems to control flow speed no matter the angle. I was also concerned that it could possibly impart a off-flavor, but I couldn't detect anything was awry in that department either, great job.

It's very easy to get out of the package, but when I dropped into the wine bottle pictured above, it was a little loose fitting in the bottle. I thought oh-brother it's going just fall out, soon as I tip the bottle to pour. But to my amazement, it didn't even move, just poured my wine, easily and effortlessly. Even Mrs. Cuvee who is ever hardly impressed by anything, gave it a "wow".

Regarding the use of the supplied [heavy] metal chrome plated cork, while it goes in rather easily preventing the wine from further oxidation [tasted the same wine next day and no issues]. It's another whole thing removing it from the pictured standard Bordeaux bottle, I had to hold the silicon pourer with one hand and remove the cork with the other. Dropping the cork into holder is easy and seamless and it does not fall over, as long as you're not bouncing it in.

That said, for a SRP of $12 you get a product that actually does what it says it does and more. It also gets my recommendation and a thumbs up from the Mrs., until next time folks, remember to sip long and prosper.


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