Wine of the Week: Mondavi 2010 Reserve Chardonnay

Welcome to Monday, I trust everyone had a fantastic weekend full of great wine, tasty dishes and most of some breath-taking football action. I know I had a little of all three, while some aspects of it was a bit more challenging than the others, all in all it, there are no complaints to be found here.

I like so many other bloggers, received a sample of this very tasty Robert Mondavi Reserve Chardonnay, vintage 2010, their Napa Valley Chardonnay and the Private Selection. So you've seen many reviews of this wine already or you will be seeing them in multitude in the coming weeks, so please stand-by.

The Mondavi brand is one which almost everyone [vino-sapiens] is aware of or is at least familiar with in some small way. But honestly folks I get a sample of this wine every year, but I don't think it has ever made its way to my wine of the week list. The reason I say that is because I want convey to you, that I thought this vintage from Carneros really stands out for me, far more than it has in previous years. So much in fact I scored this wine 91 points.

This wine stands out in my mind and that of even Mrs. Cuvee who gave it her “good” affirmation, as one of the better Chardonnay’s I’ve had all year, especially at its reasonable price point. On the Mondavi website this wine has a SRP of $40, but a quick look at Costco and you’ll find it well under $30. Bonus: You don’t have to me a member to purchase wine or other adult beverages at Costco in California.

In the glass a crisp, hay colored core warmly greets you at the door. After being welcomed inside and stepping up to your first slurp, bam bright minerality, a creamy texture, a bit of lemon curd, ripe pear, green apple, with nectarine fruit piling on for good measure. According to the tech-note all of the grapes for the 2010 Vintage were sourced from the renowned Hyde Vineyard, in the Carneros region of Napa Valley.
For the folks wondering about barrel regiment [15 months total], there’s just a touch of oak and lee stirring action ["Sur lie"] which adds a lush richness to the palate [Burgundian-style barrels, 68% new French oak for fermentation]. I found it an ideal food-wine ready to take on a variety of dishes. The finish just lingers on the palate like an urban outdoorsman waiting to greet you as you exit the freeway; this wine has the structure and acidity to go the distance if you are so inclined.

I paired this wine with easy-breezy recipe that is in what Mrs. Cuvee calls my go-to recipe box, which is easy that even a cave-man like me can pull it off so easily. It’s the ever wonderful Chicken Marsala, just don’t forget you need to have a 1/2 cup dry Marsala wine, so make sure you have a bottle hanging about in the pantry. Here is the link to preparing this very simple, yet satisfying dish, which will make you look like a rock-star at home if you prepare this for the Mrs. Until next time folk, remember as I always say, sip long and prosper cheers!


Anonymous said…
Nice write-up. It seems like Mondavi is really making an effort. I’ll have to give it a shot!
Will Eyer said…
Thanks and you're right it does seem like Mondavi is really making an effort to go back in direction which they had previously departed from, especially in regards to the Chardonnay category. In my IMHO they did a U-turn in Chablis and went back to Meursault with this effort.
How funny, last week this wine was brought to our blind tasting group and I called it Macon-Villages of a high quality. Good acidity but still ripe.

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