Wine of the Week: 2008 Trione Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Life is too short not to make the best and the most of everything that comes your way everyday. -Sasha Azevedo

Life is also too short too drink bad wine, a point to which even the garden-variety vino-sapien would agree with. It's on this point, one of the reasons why I implore everyone I know and every reader who stops by this blog to catch up with the wines that make their way to my glass; to please stop going to the same well over and over [explore] and just say 'no' to mass produced chemistry set wines, commonly known as plonk.

Now that I've got my opening rant out of the way, it's time to put a wine in the spotlight that is a fantastic value, pound for pound, this Pinot Noir from the RRV is one I'm highly recommending that you run out grab a few. This was not a sample but a wine I procured recently from my local neighborhood Costco for just under $14. If you'd like you can read more of the details about this tasty example of what the RRV can offer in Pinot here.

It will need to be decanted,  [one hour] it's a bit shy and reticent about showing its ample goods, but once it's has time to relax and get to know you, then look out. Folks, this wine is just sitting in these stores, barely moving, but in my opinion it's quite a bargain for the thirsty vino-sapien. So please put down that bottle of La Crema PN [$19] this time and step up to a real-wine which really says, "you can taste where I am from" besides if you do you'll save a few bucks to boot.

Peeking back at the few notes I scribbled out after popping the cork just a few nights ago, I found the texture and mouth-feel of this wine quite impressive. It was rich and velvety and infused with typical Pinot Noir fruit flavors coming through each and every long slurp, but restrained finish told me this is no cocktail wine.

Once you pop the cork, nice bright clear crimson-red core; a fragrant bouquet slaps your nose with gently spicy berries and wet earth, these aromas easily make their way over to your palate. I scored this wine 88 solid points, it pairs ever so nicely with many poultry dishes, the sky is the limit. A wonderful Tuesday-night wine, you won't mind popping the cork and enjoying all evening. It will contiune to evolve and come alive, so until next time folks remember to sip long and prosper cheers!


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