What is Wine Studio?

 “All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is all my own”. ~Johann von Goethe

For everyone who follows me on twitter, first thank you and second, I'm not sure why you do, but that said your Monday nights are about to get a boost! So as you may have heard, I and the brilliant pair [Dynamic Wine-Duo] from the Protocol Wine Studio Guy and Tina, will be joining forces this year, to present each vino-sapien with an unique twitter opportunity via #WineStudio to focus-in on wine regions, wine styles and hopefully take your palates to places they've only dreamed of going before. 

Instead of the typical shot-gun approach, Protocol Wine Studio and I will stay on a region for five weeks at time. The first thing coming up to bat in the rotation is going to be the mighty Rhone region of France. There's so much to see and do within this fabulous region, even a five week, one hour examination every Monday evening, will barely scratch the surface. 

Of course if all this wets your appetites for more, and you find yourself like the young Oliver Twist asking, "oh Please, sir, I want some more." There will be opportunities made available for you to do just that, so stay tuned.  

But it's our hope that as we discuss each region, you will perhaps seek wines out from the region before the discussion gets going, as a way to help broaden your understanding of the types and styles wine offered in this fantastic region. There will also be an opportunity available to those interested in acquiring some classical styles of wine from these regions, a sampler-pack [for purchase], designed to give the everyday vino-sapien a better grasp of the region and the wines made there.  

Logistically speaking; #WineStudio will be hosted each and every Monday, by either Tina, Guy or myself. Always starting at 6PM PST and ending approximately one hour later. The official launch is going to be January 21, 2012, I look forward to seeing you all there.

The three of us will be gathering at their Protocol Wine Studio here in San Diego for the fun and informative discussions. The role of moderator will change week to week, so that way there's an unique opportunity to get many different perspectives on the same topic. A calendar will be posted here on my blog [I will make a new page] so everyone can be prepared head of time, to know what to expect from each session. 

Now of course with me involved their will be a degree of irreverent commentary now and again, but the main focus will really be about not only increasing our head knowledge, which is a great thing, but at the same time giving some needed depth to our palates. And I say "ours" because as they say it's about the journey, not the destination that counts. There will be no pontificating from our Purple Wine Tower, just lots of sharing and having fun, after-all this is just a beverage.  

Perhaps you're already there, you've arrived, then this conversation may not be for you and that is okay, that's why there's #sommchat a great place for those who are already mightily in the know to talk among their selves. But if you find, that like Tina, Guy and I, that you'd strike out on the voyage of discovery and you weren't sure which way to set your sail, then I'd say #winestudio is going to be the place for you. This is the place to ask questions and get serious answers, without the dismissive attitude. We don't have all the answers of course, but let's take this journey together and see where it goes. Until next remember to sip long and prosper cheers!


Shawn Burgert said…
Just when I was about to get sad about Monday night football being gone, we get a rock'n replacement! Looking forward to it! Cheers!
Will Eyer said…
Ha yes, it's just the pick-me-up needed for the football-junkie [aka, vino-sapien]. I'll see you there, cheers!

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