Wine of the Week: Bodega Norton Malbec Reserva 2006

 'Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup.' Paulo Coelho

Have you ever just caught the glimpse of what you thought was an attractive person on your peripheral vision? You just know somehow, a second look will confirm your suspicion, this was the case with this wine, a real stunner!  I've been wanting to write a review on Argentinian Malbec for some time now, sadly I never really came across one which I could recommend as hardily as the one pictured above. 

Quite the tasty pop and pour, I uncorked this one last night, Bodega Norton Malbec Reserve 2006  and it was dressed to impress. Folks let me tell I was nearly ready to run up to my PC and write this review, right then and there. But after uncorking the bottle a wave of dark black fruits wafted delightfully towards me and I knew almost immediately that I had a amazing taste on the way.

In the glass the core was a dark ruby and fading away to the rim a veil of crimson. As I gave it a swirl the aromas of dark cherry, currant, melding harmoniously together. Weighing in at 14% abv, you hardly get any sense of heat, nothing but smooth well integrated tannins and balanced acidity and a rich finish.

After the first sip, it displayed its wonderful bounty of well-layered ripe blackberry and dark plum flavors, with a touch of dark chocolate and a splash of coffee. This wine is well integrated and immediately approachable, while the finish is long and persistent. But a decant time of an hour only enhanced the the experience.

This wine demonstrates everything which is wonderful about the Argentinian style Malbec. That style appears to be the ability to offer a high-caliber for just a fistful of dollars. I know once WS and RP get a hold of this wine for themselves, that perhaps their review may possibly mirror mine own closely. Just a rough guess, but I'm thinking a score of something like a 91 may just be what the doctor ordered. t

Folks seriously this is great juice and I picked up the bottle I purchased at Costco for a mere $12.89 each making the QPR through the roof. The inexpensive price totally caught me off guard, but I enjoyed every swirl, sniff, down to the last slurp. 

Hopefully this review will get folks to run and, not walk to get this gem while supplies last. After draining that last drop from the bottle, I immediately broke open the piggy bank, and rooted around under seat cushions just so I could acquire a few more the next day. This is the kind of excitement a tasty bottle of wine can bring, sadly that's not always the case. So until next time I hope you all will continue to sip long and prosper, cheers!


Anthony said…
If you like norton wine, then I think you’ll love St. James Winery Dessert Norton. I think its the best Missouri wine has to offer. Its the perfect blend of Norton and sweetness, and for $17.99 its not too bad.
Unknown said…
This is my favorite wine... I buy it from HEB. Does anyone know of a wine that is compatible? Sometimes HEB is sold out and I have no idea what else to buy.

Brittany & Jeff said…
Great review :) We loved this wine too! We were in Argentina for 2.5 months and tried a ton of wines, but came back to Norton time and again.

Since you liked this one, I'd totally recommend the Catena Zapata Cab Franc if you can get your hands on will change your life!

I look forward to checking out more of your posts and other reviews.
Will Eyer said…
Hi Brittany and Jeff,

Oh-my thanks, so glad you found the review helpful. Wow, two and half months in a wine-local that is on my to-do list [jealous]. The great stories you must have and wine must have been mind blowing good.

Luv-luv a good Cab-Franc myself and Catena is a great producer.I will definitely be on the look-out for the bottle, thanks for the tip.

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