Howell Mountain, A sense of place!

The Howell Mountain Trade Tasting yesterday at the panoply Petersen Automotive Museum in LA, I came across some very good juice being bottled in the The Howell Mountain Appellation of Napa. I thought in advance of my reviews of the gems I discovered, that I would share a video, produced for The Howell Mountain Appellation by designTHIS!, LLC , which I found to be very informative and captivating. Due to the fact that there have been some technical difficulties in bringing this feature to my blog directly, I have posted the direct link.

I wanted everyone to see story first hand before I post my wine reviews. There were a few newcomers to this event and I can't wait to tell you about what should be an upcoming winery. One to keep an eye out for, because soon as these reviews get posted a price increase could be on the way as well a rush of wine lovers like myself to grab a few before they are gone. I look forward to all comments and feedback regarding this movie. Until next time cheers everyone!

The story of Howell Mountain

HMV&GA Above the Fog

A description of the short movie about the The Howell Mountain Appellation, "with its rolling hills and unique microclimates, offers spectacular views and a rich tapestry of vineyards to explore. The Howell Mountain Vintners & Growers Association welcomes you to take advantage of everything this off-the-beaten-path destination has to offer. Discover for yourself the best place on earth just “above the fog”. "


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