Backyard BBQ: Côtes du Rhône, 2010 Belleruche, Rosé

With the back-yard BBQ just now hitting its stride on the back end of July, while facing the dog-days on the porch. Where can the average vino-sapien turn for relief from the fires of the BBQ pit, compounded by the unrelenting heat of Mother Nature? For me the answer is very simple and one that I've depended on years to get me through long hot summer days; the answer is undoubtly rosé. No really, I don't want a big heavy red weighing me down, adding extra heat, what I need is something to help me cool my jets.

However, not just any rosé will do, I want one that has some depth of flavor, the substance to stand up to BBQ's bold personality, that is when I reach for a little number from none other than the Côtes du Rhône. Yep you heard me right, the Cotes du Rhone is the most diverse wine region in France, one that really delivers on high quality, yet low priced rosé's which I find to be real thirst slakers.

Which is why I am very happy to introduce you to the M.Chapoutier, Belleruche. A brillant salmon colored wine, produced mainly with Grenache and a tiny bit of Cinsault, Syrah thrown into the mix. The vineyard sits on the right bank of the Rhone, on terraces molded by glacial meltwater. Keep the wine slightly chilled for best results, you'll find many mouthwatering flavors waiting to evolve as it's unleashed from the bottle unto eagerly waiting parched summer palates. It's bold and creamy at the same time, flavors of baked summer peaches, the tang of strawberry, layered with mouth watering acidity, leading to the long subtley spicy white raspberry finish. A home-run ball for a thirsty nation.

Another great bottle of wine, with outstanding QPR, selling for a song at a SRP of $12.99. I giving this wine a big slobbering kiss of 91 points. The wonderful folks over at Terlato Wines International provided this wine to me as a sample, as something they thought may really interest all of you, my wonderful readers. As they always say go big or go home and this wine definitely goes big, so don't miss a chance to give them a swirl. Below I linked to what I think is the perfect video and song by a group of the same name Belleruche. I believe it will sync ever so nicely with this wine and has "Summer in America" written all over, sit back, sip long and enjoy, cheers!


Jason Phelps said…
Twice in the same week I have heard about the Chapoutier wines. Seems like a sign, and this one looks like the place to start.

You settled in back at home post WBC?

Will Eyer said…
Hey Jason, yep pretty nice juice and at that price hard to beat. Not only worth a second date, but I may just keep their phone number [M.Chapoutier.

Good to be home and back in the saddle once more. How about you? I've enjoyed reading your post
WBC11 article, great job!

Btw, I've added ya to the blog honor roll, impressive I know, please try to contain your excitement. =D


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