Summer in a Glass: 2010 Miguel Torres Catalunya De Casta Rosado

No funny pink umbrellas to be found, just a wonderfully refreshing quaff that delivers "summer-time" in a glass. This is the type of quality juice that has me one; wanting to jump into my board-shorts while hanging pool-side to slurp up a few glasses of this first-rate thirst slaker and two; fire up that grill because the only thing I want cooking are those rub-a-dub-dub baby-back ribs.
This wine for me answers both of those demands and is the perfect wine to have in my glass as I get them baby-back ribs that had a rub-down earlier and now are slow cooking on the grill. This a rosé [the first bottle of another label was corked] is one I came across at a wonderful road-side cafe and bar called Pont del Gat [great food] just down the hill from the Montserrat Monastery.

A place I highly recommend you visit, it's one of the highlights to see while in Barcelona. As it is just about an hour outside of the city. A very pleasant drive with not too much traffic, but there are many toll booths, so bring the correct change [coins] or you'll be turned back and that could just get ugly.

But play it smart when visiting the Monastery, go early before the tour-buses full of camera-clicking zombies arrive and swamp you out with hour long lines to see the Black Madonna [btw, take your photo before you're front and center]. Afterward, have an early afternoon draft of some Damm Beer from the cafe, it's a sheer delight of epic proportions [no hyperbole].

This is a good place to mail yourself a post card,  however beware post cards and stamps are not sold in the same place. You may be tempted to grab a bite while you are there on the property [but resist the urge], however the smart money is to head down to Pont del Gat for a delicious lunch and choose a few wines from their list of great local varieties.

The Miguel Torres De Casta Rosado [Grenache Blend] which sells for about 4-6 Euros or $12 U.S. depending on where you acquire it from, but don't let its small cost fool you, this is some series summer-time sipping juice that will wow even the fussiest wanna-be wino in the audience. This winery is all Catalonia [Catalunya]all the time and their wines on a whole are quite well respected and well represented in many restaurant in around Barcelona.

I found this wine to be a very rich Grenache blend, ripe strawberry colored core, full of lush flavors of sweet cherry, spice and those red peach flavors you find close to the pit. The finish just lingers and pairs oh-so wonderfully with Mushroom Risotto chock full of sausage. I scored this wine an amazing 92 points and would recommend it for everyday quaffing, a perfect summer-time picnic partner. This wine says, "don't hate me because I'm beautiful".  Until next time sip long and prosper folks, cheers!


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