Flip-Flop Wines: Provides Soles for Souls

We are living in a day and age when the term flip-flop has as much to do with footwear as it does with some smarmy politicians changing positions on the topic of the day, when it appears it's much more politically expedient to do so. 

However, this flip-flop is about slipah's and wine; providing soles for souls. When I think of flip-flops, I'm thinking of my favorite no-socks needed foot attire and since Mrs. Cuvee is from the island where flip-flops came into fashion or possibly even originated, I have to refer to them as "slipahs". There's a tip here for the main-landers in the audience.

Shoes, something to walk-in and is most likely the last thing on your mind today as you head out the door, with all the last minute preparations for the boo-tastic holiday evening with friends and family. But shoes are quite possibly something that each of us take for granted, I mean to be honest I do at times. Living here in the U.S. there is no lack of comfortable shoes to get down the path of life, in fact they seem to be quite abundant, just look in any women's closet [ha]. In fact I'm pretty sure many of us [yes, even us guys] have more shoes than we could wear in a life-time.

It's with that in mind that CEO Wayne Elsey, the Founder and CEO of Soles4Souls, challenges us all to make the human connection, that can change everything. Mr. Elsey has a book entitled; "Almost isn't Good Enough" a place where you too can meet the man who vision is the driving force behind the campaign to provide soles for souls. He likes to think of himself, "as a big-profit guy making good in a non-profit world, no margins, no mission and no rubber-chicken dinners." If you like to grab a copy of the book, you can do so here, all proceed from sales of the book benefits Soles4Souls. 

It's very refreshing to meet the folks behind the Flip Flop wine label; who are honest, genuine and compassionate folks, who look you in the eye and don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Tip of my Packers cap, to a great group of folks that I'm proud to say I had the pleasure of meeting back at a Blogher after-party last August and I'm glad to say further, well done.

Many of you may have already encountered Flipflop wines on your local grocery store aisle. Wines bottled under a screw-cap, which are super-simple, value oriented tasty-wines. What I would call everyday quaffers that you can feel real good about swirling about in your glass because “For every bottle of flip flop wine purchased, Soles4Souls will distribute a pair of shoes to someone in need”, proving that good works does indeed work. So the next time you find yourself on the wine aisle of your local grocery store, pick up a few bottles of Flip-Flop and help put shoes on the feet of someone in-need at the same time, a win/win.  

No matter what your wine-style maybe, Flip Flop Wines has a wine that will meet your palate where you want to take it and deliver it for a price that's easy on the wallet as well. I believe all the labels are selling for just under the $10 price point. “We like to make seriously good wines, but not take ourselves too seriously in the process…” David Georges, Vintner

I've had the opportunity more than once via samples and tasting events to sip and slurp my way through the majority of their selections from the sweet to the more serious. While not everyone of them tripped-my-trigger, I can say I did enjoy the wines as whole and can recommend them to you without any equivocation or flip-flopping of any kind [ha]. Until next time my friend, I hope you all continue to sip long and prosper, cheers!


Thank you for your re-telling of the Sole4Souls story! It was excellent. We're so glad you enjoy flipflop wines and appreciate their dedication to giving back to others!

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