Lights Out: Three Hoots 2008 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Boom, boom out goes the lights! Ugh, I'm pretty sure all of San Diego remembers that day, which was not too long ago when suddenly the grid powering our city had its switch flipped to the "off" position, which really made for an eventful day, to say the least.

It happened right before the kick-off of the NFL Football season; where my adopted team the Packers were getting ready to remind everyone why they call Green Bay, WI "Title-Town".

After walking my dogs and seeing many of my neighbors who I ever rarely see out and about; it was nearing dinner time and I thought, hmmm, "no power, but I still have plenty of gas" [talking propane here] and I've got some NY strips just jonesing to jump on the grill, oh-yeah baby come to papa.

Because a man with a grill, is a man on a mission and with that in mind there's nothing better in this vino-sapiens mind than a fat Napa Cab and some freshly grilled NY strips [in Pairing 101 this is what I call the sweet-spot]. A match made in heaven, big brawny Napa Cab meets juicy New Yorker. I throw on couple of foil-wrapped potatoes, while the side-burner warms up for sauteing fresh asparagus spears, lightly drizzled with evoo and a shake-down from my oddly proportional pepper mill.

That evening was lights-out in more ways than one; I watched the game on the four inch screen of my phone, glad there's an "app" for that [NFL Network] lights-out. While many folks were still scrambling to get dinner on the table on that evening, I had plan "B" in my back pocket, boy meets grill lights-out. The last piece to the puzzle, I was sent a sample of the Three Hoots Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, that was lights-out tasty juice, that punctuates the phrase "lights-out.

Davis and Dyke Winery and Three Hoots Wines can be found in St. Helena, their operating principal goes a litte something like this; "we believe a great bottle of wine tells a great story; one of dedication, passion, and lives well lived". See folks these are not your garden variety commodity wines, it has been my experience with their wines that they are a cut above the cacophony of other labels clamoring for your attention on the shelf. These are the kind of wines you can taste with your mind.

Their 3 Hoots 2008 Reserve Cab, really thrilled me. In the glass a deeply colored ruby core, the nose was flush with bold black fruits, floral notes, coupled with rich earth elements. On the palate well integrated oak, mocha, a bit of vanilla, black-berry, dark-plum and leather layered over a smooth tannins and enough acidity to carry the vocal fruit, leading to the finessed finish. This wine sells for $55 to club members and $65 retail. I gave this a score of 93 points and can highly recommend you give it a swirl. If you buy a case, you get free shipping which is always a bonus.

Not only that but they have a vision for sustainability; which is a big buzz word these days. But to Three Hoots it's far more than just a buzz-word it's a guiding principal. I think we can all agree that sustainability not only creates but also 
maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can co-exist in productive harmony, so future generations can continue to enjoy our natural environment. 

For Davis and Dyke [Three Hoots] it's about creating an environment of balance and respect for our place in the natural environment, which is why they not only give five percent of their net revenue to the Audubon Society, but they also encourages the population of Barn Owls via the use of Owl boxes, which in turn helps return balance of the pest to predator ratio in the vineyards, putting into practice what they believe. Its not just window dressing or a nice idea to talk about, it's in my mind substance over symbolism, to which I say well-done. Until next time, sip long and prosper cheers!


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