Travel Tuesday: A Visit to DemiJohn in York

It's great to be back, but wow what a fun-tastic whirl-wind visit I just had to the UK. A great place offering so much, I barely had time to even start scratching the surface. But one thing I did learn, is that a bus is not a bus, instead its a coach. If you ever find yourself in York or even in Edinburgh or Glasgow do yourself a favor and step into this great little "deli" for a taste. So don't be shy, step right up, ask for a taste and you'll be surprised at the varied and off-the-beaten path flavors and aromas awaiting the thirsty vino-sapien.

Did I say a "deli" oh yes I did, I stumbled across it walking down the street in York just last week [bragging]. It is a great little place called Demijohn or as it's known the Worlds first Liquid Deli. An idea which was founded in Edinburghs Grassmarket. Demijohn offers a unique collection of handmade products like Whisky, Fruit Wine, Ports, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegars. Each demi-john jub has a description of what to expect you find in your sample. The shop which I visited is easily found on [11 Museum Street] one of York's main streets, a three to five minute walk from the train station. This shop is divided [pretty much equally] into spirits on the right and non-spirits on the left, which makes their shop easy to navigate, all depending on your interest.

When it comes to being environmentally conscience; it's part of their business plan and in their DNA. Demijohn founder and owner Angus Ferguson has been quoted to say regarding questions about sustainability. "We are incredibly conscious of the impact of retail on the environment and have maximised every effort to be one of the most eco-friendly food and drink retailers.”

There are many choices of package styles to choose from and if need-be they can wrap your choice and make it gift-giving ready. The perfect stocking stuffer [depending on the size] for the spirit-slurping vino-sapien who has everything. Now if you happen to not be in the gift giving mood and slurp down that 21yr old scotch all on your own leaving you with an empty bottle, needing to be re-filled. Then they have a great solution for you, feel free to bring it back to one of their shops for a refill and you'll save a pound or two on the price of the glass bottle.

The great thing about this place is that you get to try everything and anything before you buy, yes even a 21year old Single Malt Scotch. So of course I had to try all the different choices, but hey I wasn't driving. I love the concept, I'd like to see more of that here in the U.S. but with zoning regulations and other red-tape being what they are here, it would prove a bit more difficult to have shops like this. But the next time you find yourself strolling now the street in York, Edinburgh or Glascow give them a swirl for yourself and see what the fuss is all about, you'll find it's well worth dropping a few pounds. Until next folks remember to sip long and prosper cheers!


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