Paso Robles Uncorked: Herman Story 2010 Nuts and Bolts Syrah

It has been said that "proposing lofty goals without specifying the nuts and bolts of how they are to be achieved" can be a foolhardy proposition" Village Voice. I would have to say after tasting more than a few of the wines from Herman Story in Paso Robles, that whatever goals Mr. From may have, lofty or not, that when it comes to making wine, which makes me and many other folks say, “WOW” I must conclude he has exceeded them in spades.

If you are a big fan of wine from the Rhone-Zone also known as, Paso Robles, like I am, then do yourself a favor and check into Herman Story. You can find them on the other side of tracks in Paso Robles, which is something I’m sure really agrees with Russel P. From, their winemaker, and proprietor. If you find yourself in the downtown area, drive down 13th street toward the 101 and then make a right left on Paso Robles street, don’t go too fast or you’ll drive right by them [and yes its street parking].

Once in the tasting room, remember you’ll like everything, and no I'm not kidding. So I’d advise you to buy more than you’d typically to avoid any regret later, you know what (the ubiquitous) 'they' say about disappointment. These wines are quite voluminous especially in the ABV area, so if you can’t handle fully hedonistic wines that make no pretense, I’d advise you look elsewhere or may have your delicate sensibilities offended fair warning.

Now regarding this wine in the review spotlight today, the 2010 Nuts and Bolts, it was decanted about 30 full minutes before dinner and from the first slurp to the last drop, which I fought Mrs. Cuvee for, wow is the word. This wine is seamless, it never drops off, it hits you at each and every angle full-throttle presentation, but nicely tuned for perfect balance.

Here comes the tasting note: In the glass, a dark ruby core knocks on the side of the glass just to get your attention, once the first slurp is in you’re gonna make an “O” face. You’ll find a wonderfully expressive bouquet teasing and taunting you, bountiful palate of blackcurrant, dark cherry, while sexy florals and spice nuances slay you with excellent complexity.

This wine has focused flavors which are clear, deep, and abundantly evident, a wine that is complex and lingering from start to finish. Are you thinking about pairing options? Well, the sky is the limit, a great wine which will easily pair with barbequed St. Louis style ribs or even tangy barbequed chicken. I scored this wine 93 points, it really is stellar. Until next time folks remember to sip long and prosper cheers!


Terrence Jones said…
I couldn't agree more. Herman Story is just under the under the radar still for many. Yet it is similar in style and comparable to Paso's great wineries; those with closed gates and long allocation lists.

As a small correction, you would turn right onto Paso Robles St. from 13th, not left.

Will Eyer said…
Hi Terrence,

You make a great point about those wineries with the closed gates the long allocation list.

I'm pretty sure I know which one you're talking about, I just kicked them to the curb, in favor of finding wines like this one from Herman Story.

Thanks for the correction, I just updated the post.

I like the information which has been posted here in this blog. I have been member of Paso Rables wine club and I had tasted many different varieties of wines. Paso Robles was actually planted in the year 1923, by Frank Pesenti.

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