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Wines At The Best Price Online - One At A Time - 'Til Sold Out

Many wine enthusiasts love the hunt for wine almost as much as they enjoy drinking it. I'm right there with you, but who wants to pay more than they have to? The answer is no one, and while I've not always been comfortable shopping for wine online, now more than ever, this where you can find some incredible deals. Smart wine shopping isn't just for the tech-savvy anymore, and it's far more than a flash in the pan.

It's a social activity, an escape, a hobby for many and, in some ways, yeah, even a sport! You can do it anywhere you bring your smartphone, at home, the office or just before hitting the gym. WTSO has a great app, which is easily found in the app store, once you download it, you can shop, add to the cart, select your shipping options and buy your wines with their quick checkout process. Don't like 'apps"? Well, no problem, you can just click on the link provided here, go directly to their site, fill a virtual shopping cart, and you're off to the races.

Speaking of 'deals' because who really wants to pay more, than they have to, the answer is no one. Which is why I'm excited to introduce a fantastic place to order wines for everyday drinking, wines which are carefully sourced for their overall quality and reasonable prices. I'm talking about WTSO, or Wines Til Sold Out. They (WTSO) offers seriously deep discounts on the wines you may already know and enjoy drinking, but also on some bottles, you should consider exploring.

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Their mission is wine, wine-travel, wine-pairing, and tasting discovery, helping wine lovers everywhere to drink better for less. They make wine more accessible to the masses. Their teams are often found shining a light in the dark cellars, uncovering wines which fit my lifelong favorite catchphrase "You can pay more, but you seldom get more." Life is short, as we all know, so how would you like to drink like a prince, but on a paupers budget and at the same time drink wines of place and learn why wines of effort are just that?

I've seen many flash sales sites come and go over the years, but WTSO really does set a high bar for customer service–if there is ever a problem with the wine that was purchased and it's not to your satisfaction, they will do their best to make it right.

WTSO will post a new wine for sale, several times a day, but with there often being limited quantities, you have to act quickly, or you're likely to miss out. Their wines run the gamut from imports to tried and true domestics, and wines from small niche producers, who are on the cutting edge of varietal evolution. They're located in New Jersey, so for you east-coasters, your wines don't have to go too far, and for vino-sapiens on the west coast, they package your order just right to safely arrive on your doorstep via a well known and reliable shipping partner.

In the image below, Calla Lily 2013 Ultimate Red Cabernet Sauvignon, is just one example of the fantastic deals which are available, and the showing off the depth of the quality juice just waiting to be uncorked. I poured a short glass via my Coravin, just to get a read on these wines excellent quality. Here comes the tasting note: In the glass, its a classic crimson red, 22 months on new French oak, with Merlot and Cabernet Franc bringing the par excellence in the back end. You'll need to decant to take advantage of depth and polish. The tannins are tightly knit, the dark plum and lingering red currant keep you captivated. The fruit to acid ratio is spot on, its perfect pairing partner, a thick, well marbled, dry-aged ribeye, right off the grill medium rare. Don't doubt me, folks, this wine is a stunner, sock some away in the cellar, the aging potential is excellent. 91 Points from WE, my score 93 points, an exceptional bottle of wine to cellar. 

This is a promotion page, where you have the opportunity to purchase their wines directly if you like. Older vintages of their wines are available elsewhere, but presently you can only acquire this vintage via their website, by clicking this link.  So many of their wines I've tasted from a sampler pack are reminiscent of my favorite catchphrase, "you can pay more but seldom do you get more." So what are you waiting for? Grab a six-pack before that bottle you're ogling is gone, with some of the small quantities WTSO acquires, these deals will simply not last. Until next folks, remember compromise is for relationships, not wine. Sip long and prosper cheers!


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