Travel Tuesday: London Heathrow Uncorked

The following travel article was originally written in 2012, today it was dusted off a bit, the cobwebs removed and sprayed with an unknown substance to make it extra shiny. So here it is, again, just in case you missed it the first time, London Heathrow Uncorked enjoy. By the way, to avoid any possible confusion, there was zero monetary encouragement laid at my feet, just a fun note to pass on from a fellow traveler. 

It is well to remember that there are five reasons for drinking: the arrival of a friend; one's present or future thirst; the excellence of the wine; or any other purpose. ~ Latin saying

Having just recently arrived back from a great trip to the United Kingdom, I had a few hours to kill in London's well known and famous Heathrow Airport. I would have to say my experience at Heathrow was much better than what could only be called a CF, at Charles De Gaulle Airport in France. I've been through that airport on more than one occasion and the "experience" if I can call it that, has always been the same, harrowing at best. However, this on this occasion, the travel god's were with me, and the timing of my departure for the next flight was long enough to enjoy a few spirits.

But laying that aside for another day, lets launch into a subject I know a majority of us all like, well at least most of us. I wanted to dive into two travel-related topics, one the ladies love, and that is shopping and one the guys typically enjoy, and that is getting your single malt on. I know, yes, please forgive the aggravating misogyny (if thou art offended) of that statement, but I'm really not apologizing either.

Yes, you heard me right shopping, tasting a varied selection of single malts combined with hours to wait before your flight is ready to board at the duty-free shop. All of this can be done at the Heathrow airport in (2012) London, no longer will you be bored while waiting to board. I was a bit flummoxed seeing so many different bottles of single malt open, seemingly, just waiting for me to ask can I taste that?

Once I do ask, and I receive an emphatic "yes" the answer to my silent prayers from the "guy" in doing the khaki-casual thing at the duty-free shop has been granted. So I'm thinking to myself, hmm,  well then bring it on there good sir! Much to my delight, there were quite a few Single Malts opened, many I've not had the opportunity to try before, so I dove in head first, making an amber colored splash and of course I found a few more favorites that I will need to add to my collection at some point in the future.

The Speyside distillery of 'The Balvenie' 15 yr 'Golden Cask' [pictured above] was a very lovely quaff, easy, gentle spices, you could taste the homegrown barley, it had nutty sweetness, a puff of smoke, cinnamon spiciness and a delicately proportioned layer of Caribbean Rum. It's not high end, but it's one that most will find extremely approachable, especially for folks who don't get the peaty, smoky thing. Typically, I'm a Highlands snob, but this Speyside was a pleasant surprise.

So whiskey isn't' your thing, huh? You thought this was a wine blog, perhaps you were wondering what the bleep is going here, with all this business about Scotch. Psssh, what-ever, hold on to your lederhosen for just one minute, if you could please. I also discovered they had a few very high-end wines on tap in via an Enomatic machine and they had some 1er Cru on tap [sorry to rhyme] oh-crap are you freaking kidding? Well, they weren't, and again all I had to do was ask nicely, and the nice gentlemen poured me a couple ounces Burgundy Cru.

What more could you ask for while waiting to board your plane? Well since you are asking for more, then how about [now that would be something to see] a walk-in humidor? Hmmm, not such an awful way to spend your time on an extra long layover. Want to try a sample, umm go ahead just ask, apparently, not being afraid to ask leads to all kinds of good things. Somewhat similar to that Zero Calories Coke commercial where the guy asks, "And?"

I nearly made Mrs. Cuvee, and I miss our flight because I was getting so carried away, 'asking,' sampling and all that I somehow had lost track of time like the proverbial kid in the candy store. But nonetheless it all worked out, and a quick dash to the gate had us both boarding on time, albeit a little winded from having to moving so quickly, after an extended tasting [and yes Mrs. Cuvee was more than a bit unhappy]. That is all I have for you today folks until next time, please remember as always to sit back, relax and continue to sip long and prosper cheers!


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