Barolo Uncorked: 2008 Parusso Armando Barolo DOCG, Piedmont, Italy

“I believe in science and data, but the first truth to which we must answer when making wine is 'pleasure'- the truth of our senses.” Alison Crowe

Here in this bottle lies wine which will delight the senses, it will make your heart sing with joy and one which could easily join just about any item on the dinner menu without raising so much as an eyebrow. To those sipping on its velvety, luxurious, long-lasting flavors, enjoy every moment, relish in its hedonistic pleasure. Sometimes wine just needs to be experienced, not analyzed. 

Many folks new to the wine scene are a bit timid when it comes to Barolo. After all, Nebbiolo produces wine, that often is not in the entry-level category [if you know what I mean]. Typically when very young, they are tight and tannic and difficult to wrap your tongue around. I tend to think of it as a bit of a beast, and often when it comes Barolo is not for the faint of heart or the palate.

There is much to like about this young 2008 Parusso you see pictured above; especially for those who're fans of uber approachable styles of wine which take very little understanding to enjoy. It’s very modern and a style that many would label as an international style; meaning loads of low hanging fruit, polished tannins, and generous use of toasty oak. 

While the oak hides some of the ornate perfumed characteristics of Nebbiolo, this is still a nuanced wine. For me, it’s akin to drinking an ice cold corona I picked up from seven eleven after work on a sweltering summer day, a real guilty pleasure. I would have preferred that this wine had only been labeled as a "Nebbiolo" instead and they had not used Barolo on the label. But that's just me. 

Just know that this particular bottle of Barolo is not going to be your traditional Barolo experience and you should not use it as a bellwether for the traditional style of Barolo you could encounter later. Instead, you should expect a [the 2008 Parusso pictured above] wine that I'd call a very modern style, and yes it’s a bit flashy. Soon as you pop the cork this puppy is ready to rock, with no fuss, no muss [read that zero decanting needed] just 750 ml of drinking pleasure waiting to rock your palate. 

I'm scoring it 91 points, it's a pleasure to drink and pairs easily with food. It sells for about $40 or more most places, but I scored mine for just south of $30, as I can often sniff out 'value' wine bargains. Until next time folks, please remember life is short, so continue to sip long and prosper cheers!


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