Wine of the Week: Veramonte, Sauvignon Blanc, Casa Blanca

There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. ~ 
Coco Chanel

Time for the wine of the week review, this one hails from South America's Veramonte. It's a relatively inexpensive wine offering wine consumers a fresh, crisp style of Sauvignon Blanc that should be well received by a variety of enthusiasts. You can find it easily in most grocery store selections as it is widely distributed and sells for a virtual pittance $9.99. As you can see it's under screwcap, if the bottle is not finished it can be easily placed in a refrigerator laying down and will hold its freshness for days after the seal has been cracked open. Bonus, if the bottle is not to your liking, it can be stored as previously mentioned and kept for recipes that call for dry white wines.   

Veramente Wines came to life in the 1990's in a relatively unknown valley, which today is known as the Casa Blanca Valley. Many wineries have joined them there since. Their wines are abundantly distributed to the U.S. which is its primary export market. Veramonte founded in 1835 by the González Byass, is a family oriented business with five generations all contributing to building the company. While they started in the Casa Blanca Valley, their vineyard 'holdings' have expanded to vineyard properties in the Colchagua Valley.

They farm 100% organically but do not appear to have certification from independent third-party sources, but they do have images of sheep grazing in the vineyards, which helps them with optics and shows they have good intentions. Veramonte owned in part by Vintner Agustin Huneeus of Quintessa fame and possibly part of the reason this Sauvignon Blanc tasted more Napa or Sonoma in style, seeing some of their wines are bottled in the domestic U.S. market.

Veramonte, Sauvignon Blanc, Casa Blanca: Here's the review: In the glass, this wine appeared light in both color and intensity, the core was a dark straw to yellow, and the clarity was clear. This wine was aromatic, fresh cut lemon-grass, not a reductive note in sight via the screw cap, fresh citrus peels, kiwi and undefined but fragrant floral notes. Flavor-wise, this wine reminded me of a day of sitting poolside with the waft of lemon-lime soda perfuming the air. This wine was dry, the acidity was crisp, the body light, and the tannins were a moderate minus. The overall flavor profile is fresh cut limes, lemon peels, kiwi slices, cut grass and vacant-eyed minerality, floral, citrus, with a drop of monk fruit in the background. The finish is long and lasting, exhibiting excellent freshness in the mouthfeel. A classic everyday Sauvignon Blanc, sporting a savvy Sonoma profile, not standard fare from this region; until next time sip long and prosper.  My score 87 points, dependable and quaffable.


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