Wine of the Week: 2014 Adelsheim Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

"Compromises are for relationships, not wine." --- Sir Robert Scott Caywood

The Willamette Valley in Oregon is known as a 'mecca' of sorts, where powerful, yet delicate, soulful Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and Chardonnay are grown, harvested, fermented, barreled, aged, bottled and sold to wine enthusiast all over the world. A recent 2018 article I read, stated "Pinot Noir has found a home in the Willamette Valley," I thought and even tweeted is that indeed news?

But the author is correct, Pinot Noir has a found a welcoming home in Oregon and has done so in a compelling way. In fact when you think of Oregon, from the average wine-swirling enthusiasts perspective, likely the first thing which pops into your mind is Pinot Noir. Again rightfully so, for the most part, it's the signature grape of northern Oregon. But what about the south? Hmm, I'll leave that subject here, for another day.  For now, let's jump into the review of the chain-store gem from Adelshiem.

2014 Adelsheim Willamette Valley Pinot Noir: I grabbed this gem, a few weeks after arriving in Oregon, from a local chain store. This picture was taken at the corporate furnished temporary abode. This wine also was not decanted, it was drinking beautifully from the first moment it went into the glass. Btw, yes, stemware and wine temperature do matter. Again as you can see in the glass, very light colored, shimmering ruby color, transparent. Fresh pomegranates, baking spice, strawberry, orange tea aromas escaping from the glass, very enticing.

More low-hanging fruit, in what I call the reasonably priced category, selling in 'chains' for about $27. The grapes were hand harvested and spent 10 months in small oak barrels, 23% new, fourteen thousand cases produced. The palate is plush and polished. This statement, cannot be said enough when it's true. The tannins are wonderfully integrated, the acid to fruit ratio is spot on. The overall flavor profile, rustic earth, tangy cherries, sweet sandalwood, and allspice. We paired this wine, with some Mushroom Risotto, and a baked whole chicken, lights out, tasty. The Score: 93 points. Highly Recommended.


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