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Cognac: The Spirit and the Place

Cognac; it's a city, a color, a digestif, a state of mind. Richard C Hacker Let's take a virtual trip "across the pond" over to the beautiful region of France, called Cognac. Like Champagne is not only bubbly, Cognac is not just a spirit, it's a magnificent place in France known for producing one of the most excellent 'spirits' in the world. Let's face it, when it comes to the vine and winemaking, the French stand-alone and their 'spirit' of record, Cognac is always a 'top-shelf choice.' No other country has the breadth of history, nor can they beat France regarding its quality or the sheer volume of diversity in the types and styles of wine. Many wine enthusiasts believe, that France is the template and the standard-bearer in the winemaking world. I know some may want to argue this point, feel free to do so, but don't miss out on this inspiring introduction to possibly adding Cognac to your bars line-up, if you haven'

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