Sample Policy:

New Policy:

Regarding Samples: While it would be an honor to accept a sample of wine, spirit, beer, book or wine gadget/gizmo for review, there's no guarantee a positive review or even a review at all. Especially if the wine in question is not worthy of this blog's tagline.
"The intersection of where great wines meet reasonable prices."
What does that mean? Simply said; if the sample receives a score of 84 or lower than most likely, we'll not bother writing a review. Is this a rather arbitrary number, to be clear, without any equivocation, yes it is.

Here's what we promise: Each and every sample will get a thoughtful, respectful, and authentic assessment of the product presented for the review process.

Receipt of Sample:
After the sample(s) arrives, we like to wait a few weeks before opening the sample(s) to consider its merits. This gives the wine a chance to recover from travel, resulting in a much better assessment of the wine.

Often times more there may be more than one wine at-a-time sitting in the review queue that can be evaluated in a reasonable [meaning it may take a few weeks longer to write the review] time frame.

So if a timely review is needed or desired, please indicate that fact with your submission, or I will be unaware of your expectations. Once the evaluation is complete, a notification will be sent in the form of an email/tweet/FB/IG message to let you know that it has been published.

How to Send Samples: If you'd like to send samples, please contact us at the to make the arrangements.


Unknown said…
Hello Bill,

I work at Rodney Strong Wine Estates and would love to send you a sample shipment. Would it be possible to get your shipping address? If so, please feel free to email me at Thank you for your time and have a great day!

Best Regards,

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