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Sample Policy:

New Policy:

Regarding Samples: While it would be an honor to accept a sample of a wine, book or product for review, I can't guarantee a positive review or even a review at all. Particularly if the wine in question is not worthy of this blogs tag-line; "The intersection of where great wines meet reasonable prices". 

What does that mean? Simply said; if the sample receives a score of 84 or lower than I most likely will not bother writing a review. 

Here's what I can definitely promise: Each and every sample will get a thoughtful, respectful, and authentic assessment of the product presented for the review process

Receipt of Sample: I like to wait a few weeks before I open the bottle for review. This gives the wine a chance to recover from travel, resulting in a much better assessment of the wine. 

Often times I will have more than one wine at-a-time sitting in the review-queue than I can review in a reasonable [meaning it may take a few weeks longer to write the review] time frame. 

So if a timely review is needed or desired please indicate that fact with your submission or I won't know about your expectations. Once I finish the review, I will send an email/tweet/FB message to let you know that it has been posted.

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Alisa Way said...

Hello Bill,

I work at Rodney Strong Wine Estates and would love to send you a sample shipment. Would it be possible to get your shipping address? If so, please feel free to email me at Thank you for your time and have a great day!

Best Regards,

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