Navarra Uncorked: Navarra DO iPhone App

Do you want to get a handle on the wines of Navarra? Okay, great because there is an "app" for that. If you have been following my adventures here in the Navarra D.O., you undoubtedly know how excited I am to share my thoughts on what has been a wine-soaked journey of enlightenment. I've come to know many of the producers in the Navarra DO, who are making some really great juice which is currently available state-side, wines that will wow you as they have me, in more ways than one.

But before I get that, I wanted to bring to your attention a very cool app for IPhone that I discovered via my friend Jordi V. Ragout from the Navarra Wines D.O. [thanks Jordi]. It's a very helpful tool in discovering the wines of Navarra yourself. Let's say you went into a store and wanted a specific bottle from a specific producer; well not so easy as you attempt to recall the name of the bottle of or of the bodegas. But with this nifty Navarra-App downloaded to your Apple iPhone you can cruise right into your favorite wine store or even a local wine-bar and ask for that wine because each wine has an easily identifiable label associated with each type of wine from the different producers.
In addition to having the picture of the label each wine on the app has the full details about it. Whether you want to know the barrel regiment and which type of oak used or perhaps you're looking for the ABV, you have the information you need at your finger-tips. By the way, not to worry, with one click of the button; everything is automatically translated into English and probably the best news is that it's a free app as well. My time in Navarra has been great and unfortunately is drawing to a close for me and the rest of the Navarra Five tomorrow [sad-face]. But with everything that I've learned here and all the new friends I've made, I'm much richer for the experience and really can't wait to tell you so much more. Until next time sip long and prosper cheers!


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