Wine of the Week: Cupcake Prosecco

Time to uncork another wine of the week; with the heat on in a big way this week in San Diego. I thought it would be a great time crack-open a bottle of bubbly.
A fun and festive thirst-slaker full of happy bubbles waiting to please even the fussiest winos among you.

This wonderfully lively bubbly is from my friends at Cupcake Vineyards who were kind enough to have a sample sent for the review process.

I know many of you are huge fans of this brand and I think Adam Richardson [traveling-winemaker] really hit this one out of the park; producing a very lively Prosecco making a nice splash our shores here all the way from Veneto, Italy.

A sparkling white wine, I like to think of as a uncomplicated version of Champagne. This wine really is the perfect match for dog-days of summer as the ultimate summer-quaffer. Just give it a nice chill via a pool-side ice-bucket; carefully remove the cage, grasp the cork, exert a bit of pressure, gently remove cork and you are on your way to bubbly-nirvana.

Once in the glass an explosion of bubble feels the bowl; the aromas escaping from the glass evoke memories of fresh-cut honey crisp apples, laying next to a ripe slice of summer peaches. I'd grab some groovy tunes to accompany that bubbly splashing about in your flute; a real head-bobbing number Minor Swing.

Once you throw back a few slurps; an immediate sense of subtle sweetness, crisp apples, fresh peach; built upon a blaze of vibrant mouth watering acidity; aiding in the palate punctuating finish. You'll find this bubbly will pair with a large variety appetizers; I paired the sample I opened with home-made bruschetta, it was delish [happy-dance]. 

The low alcohol weighing in at just 11% ABV will keep you coming back for more and the low, low price makes party planning a snap. I've seen it selling most places for just under $9.99 but you savvy shoppers out there can find if for a couple dollars less. I give this bubbly a score of 90 points and give it my drink now and drink often buy recommendation.

Just in-case you wanted to know how I prepare Bruschetta here's the recipe. In fact it is so easy an vino-sapien could do it, yes even you guys. Honestly this is one the easiest things ever to prepare; it just has the appearance of fancy. So with no further ado, here it's enjoy.

· 1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes, packed in oil

· 6 vine-ripe tomatoes, hand cut
· 3 cloves minced garlic
· Fresh cut Italian parsley
· Have EVOO standing by to drizzle
· 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
· 1/4 cup fresh cut basil, stems removed
· Non-salted Butter
· 1/4 teaspoon salt
· 1/4 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper [pepper-mill]
· 1 French baguette [I get mine from Costco: 2 for $4]
· 2 cups shaved Parmesan cheese [Costco: $16]
Okay, so now you have the ingredients; here is the "how" of what I call a quick appetizer master-piece. You take the cut tom's, some evoo, balsamic, garlic, salt and pepper into a bowl to mix togehter. Then whip out a big frying pan and heat on medium until most of juice is evaporated, add the cut sundried toms and then set it aside.
Once that is done use the same frying pan and throw down a hefty slab of no-salt butter. Heat on high, once it bubbles carefully add the baguette slices and cook till it browns. Now add the parsley and sweet basil to the tom-mix. Now top the baguette slices with the tom-mix, drizzle evvo and top with the Parmesan cheese. I guarantee this recipe will melt your face off, it's that good. Until next time sip long and prosper.


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