Spring Wine Picks on Kathy Ireland.com

Spring has sprung, the evidence of that is all around us, I know all those seedlings I've planted earlier this year have grown and have now sprung mightily into action, making the Mrs. very happy. As I've a garden full of herbs, many flowering, the bees are buzzing around the many flowers, popping up all over my backyard, the sun is shining and my grill has been getting a serious work-out these days.

But what about the wine, we can't forget about that important piece of the picture and with that in mind, I've been invited to give a couple of my favorite picks by Chef Andre, who works with Kathy Ireland. Him and I were chatting on Twitter the other day and he asked me if I had a couple of wine picks that I would like to share with his readers on KathyIreland.com.

I asked him a couple questions for clarification, because of course I wanted give their many readers a chance to grab a few of the wines I recommended, without running into any issues with small production wines. Once he gave me the guide lines, I shot off a couple ideas and Chef Andre took it from there. One of the wineries is called Waterstone, located in Napa Valley and other is called Calcareous, one of my all time favorite producers in Paso Robles and a winery who recently won a "Best of Show" title at the San Diego International Wine Competition.

I received the first wine as a sample and the second was a wine I ran across in the tasting room recently. I hope you'll pop on over to their page and check out the wines I picked as well as the picks of their extraordinary Sommelier Bruce Barrett, so please feel invited to try some of their favorites wineries they’ve come to know and trust and possibly a couple of new favorites of wineries I know are making some outstanding juice. I hope you'll hop on over there, give those selections a swirl for yourself and let me know what you think, until next time continue to sip long and prosper cheers!


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