Taste of Italy: 2001 "Ubiqua" Cà del Vént Chardonnay

It's an popular notion to succumb to in our day and age; "out with the old and in with the new", those thoughts are even more on our minds now that we are into April, and winters bite is now a distant memory and spring has really been sprung.

We all start to think about planting our gardens, vintners are seeing bud break in the vineyards and kids are home on Spring Break, driving their parents crazy. I know for many of and myself included; we vino-sapiens seem to be hard-wired if you will, or some would say we are just plain pre-disposed to the youthful, the fresh or ripest apple in the tree. You know the the one; it appeals to our most basic desires to have the newest vintage, it's understandable we've all been there before.

But hold on just a minute, before you run off down the rabbit hole, chasing that shiny new [what?] doo-dad you've been after or even the latest and greatest new vintage of your favorite Chardonnay. I'd like you to slow-your-roll for just a moment and take a look at this brilliant older vintage wine from a great producer just north of town of Brescia, Cellatica found at the top of the boot in northern Italy. That producer is Cà del Vént; a small boutique producer of fine wines, imported by a new, very smart group, called Wine Passionate. I received a sample of this wine just a few weeks back; I've finally had a chance to give it a swirl just the other day. This Chardonnay was paired with a wonderful recipe; which I came across on my last to trip to Campania.

Pasta and Potatoes Primavera [of sorts]: This recipe makes enough for four people: What you will need; 2 dark potatoes, generous EVOO splashes 1/4 cup of chopped and browned onion, a handful of garlic, 1/2lb of Pancetta, a half-bag of mixed pasta, a box of vegetable broth, some anchovy drippings, 1 fillet of anchovy [go easy] and your choice of pecorino cheese.

How to prepare the base: In large saucepan heat oil with onion, mashed garlic, pig and tomatoes. Then Cook for about 3 minutes on high. Add chopped potatoes and let them brown for a few minutes. Add vegetable soup and let it dry. Continue cooking the potatoes until they’re fork tender. Add spoonfuls of soup & let the pasta cook in it for seven to eight minutes stirring continuously. Then plate and add a few generous handfuls of grated pecorino cheese. A delicious pairing which worked out so nicely, I'd recommend giving it a swirl. You can found out more about this recipe provided by Wineormous.com with just a quick click of the mouse, to read the amazing story behind it.

About the Ubiqua, definitely a very different Chardonnay, than most you will ever encounter, a wine of substance, it's has great structure and many unique flavors. The Terre di Franciacorta, Ubiqua, gets its name from the beautiful and symbolic piece of sculpture by Mario Diacono, who designed it especially for the art-filled vineyard grounds. In the glass; are 18 months, then aged in bottle for 36 months of clearly oxidized wine, showing shades of wet hay or the hue of uncooked pasta. Wildly different aromas escaping easily from the class once poured; complex floral and herbs, blending with very savory buttery nut note inviting the first sip. After the first splash down plenty of creamy, nuttiness, vanilla spice notes, complex minerality and interesting roasted nut flavor running front to back.

Don't drink this wine too cold, because the oak seems to be a bit dominate. If you take it out of the cellar, just before getting dinner started you are sure to hit this wine right in it's flavor stride and like all four corners of the art that appears on the label, you'll taste the vivid richness, tantalizing vibrance, the appealing viscosity and bringing it all together the right touch of acidity. My Score: 89 points. Prepared with the right food and this wine can really hit the high-notes, at $46 it's what I would call an "occasion" wine or perhaps just a great way to brighten your weekend.  If you're interested in giving this wine a swirl for yourself, then it can be found at Wine Passionate a local San Diego online wine shop. I hope you will give this wine a swirl soon, let me know what you think, I look forward to your feedback. Until next time folks, sip long and prosper cheers!


Wine Harlots said…
Hold the phone, Frances.
"Slow your roll?"
Hee, hee, hee...
I've totally corrupted you!
Will Eyer said…
Ha, too funny huh? Yeah, it just fit with the conversation, all too well, thanks for the corruption, cheers!

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