Wine of the Week: Dona Paula Malbec Seleccion de Bodega 2006

"Those who have succeeded at anything and don't mention luck are kidding themselves." ~Larry King

It's not everyday you happen upon a large stash of bottles, which you know, are not priced correctly. But I guess it was my lucky day or something like that; because I scored a half-case of the Dona Paula Malbec Seleccion de Bodega 2006 from Costco for $19 each.

As checked my smart-phone, I found out that most places are selling this same wine for $40. I was so surprised, to see this wine so marked down, but none-the-less I quietly said to myself, score. 

By the way, you can still get your hands on this wine, if you like, just click on the link above. Unfortunately you won't find it for the great price I got [sorry]. I was a bit tardy in my reporting; as it was last year in the summer that I discovered this treasure trove [which I socked away in the cellar] and have just now popped the cork on the very last one, so sad, so sad indeed.

It's funny to note, not only was this Malbec one I uncorked just the other night; but it was also the very last Malbec I purchased. Ugh, it was also the very last one in my cellar, sorry to see it go [sigh]. I'm not sure when it happened, but I think like many folks I speak with who say Malbec has seen its peak and, it's one which has come and gone. I agree to some extent, at least it has for me. 

That's not to say; if I had some über well-priced Malbec fell into my lap once more that I would hesitate for a moment, from scooping up the remaining bottles, to be squirreled away in my cellar. So maybe it's just me, as my palate has me exploring other places at the moment, checking out other regions, and through exploration, a majority of my buying decisions are made [within reason].

So why, I'm not gravitating to these wines a much as I use to? I'm not really sure. Perhaps one reason is that I'm not seeing the once lofty shelf presence or perhaps that is just my narrow observation.  Other possibilities  maybe Malbec isn't what it use to be or my interests for other grapes have driven me away. All questions to ponder.

It's even more interesting to note; that within the US Market, the average vino-sapien is drinking more imported wines than ever before, but I'm seeing far-less of presence of the once mighty Malbec. 

But what I do continue to see is the everyday "normal" profile; you know the one's I'm talking about. They have boat-loads of of low-hanging fruit, the occasional vanilla and toasty nuances from new oak, yawn. 

In other words the perfectly accessible, simple, fruit forward wines made for the wine-swirling masses at-large and the types of wines made to please the garden variety vino-sapien. All of which has me thinking, please come back Malbec-Man we need you again.

So what does that mean? Good question, I’d really like to see Malbec-Man save the day once more, how, I’d like to see more Malbec like the one I uncorked the other night, which has great structure, lush dark fruit, elegant texture, higher than usual acidity, giving way to real poise and polish and a unforgettable finish and all wrapped up in a reasonable price. 

Is that too much to ask for on a regular basis? I'm afraid of the answer. Perhaps another reason why my [wine-budget] dollars are currently going elsewhere. However, I've been stocking on on 2009 Bordeaux, more about that later.

Mean while back at the review, in the glass the Dona Paula Seleccion de Bodegas, throws a glass staining, opaque garnet core at you,making my eyes very happy. Then ticking a snout in the glass, a brilliant bouquet of freshly ripe dark plums, alluring spice and floral notes inviting the first sip. 

I knew right away, I was in for a treat, this wine had aged gracefully in my small Avanti cellar. Okay, now for the first slurp, wow, yum a rush of wild-ripe blueberries, a dark blackberry, black unsweetened licorice, a dusting of mocha bacon-fat and earthy minerals and the right touch of spicy oak, the tannins were polished. This wine was elegant, but at the same time boasting of power and structure and finishes oh-so nicely.

By the way folks, there's still some of this very tasty Malbec available at, even at the price they're asking it's well worth the price of admission. I scored this wine a whopping 91 points and heartily recommend grabbing a few for yourself, this wine is in the sweet spot right now. That's all I've got for you today, until next time sip long and prosper!


Pablo said…
I don't like to reveal the secret identity, but more of the Malbec you just described is coming from the Malbec-Man.. (hint hint) ... The mass produce Malbec is the equivalent of kryptonite, and sooner than later we will be freed from those boring, simple Malbec chains.
Will Eyer said…
Hey Pablo,

Now you're talking, can't wait to give them a swirl once more, it has been far too long. Thanks for the insider tip, cheers!
Anonymous said…
didn't get the '06 but feel xactly like you when I scored '08 Seleccion de bodega (DP) Malbec for $25/btl @ Cosco.

Awesome: depth, power, and heavy tannins. Open & let the bottle sit for 2-3 hr or decant. Top off any undrunk w/Argon gas, re-cork & try again the next day…u will be pleasantly surprised!

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