Family Winemakers Tasting for the Trade

Back on March 15th I was invited and attended the inaugural Family Winemakers of California Trade Tasting here in San Diego, CA. There were over 200 wineries pouring that day, which made it difficult to choose where I would spend my time. I decided to not visit the wineries for which I was already familiar and instead focus on the wineries which I knew of their reputations, but never had an opportunity to taste their wines first hand.
It was a very good experience. I had the opportunity to sample many wines which I had previously only read about or had just scant familiarity. I was able to meet many of the winemakers, network with distributors and other ancillary individuals whom I volunteered with during the check-in procedure. Getting the word out about my Cuvée Corner Wine Blog was beneficial and I look forward to writing a few in depth posts on the those whom I was impressed with the most.
Of the hundreds of wineries represented a couple jumped out with depth and complexity and impressed me the most, one was Saxon Brown Wines and the other was Kenneth Volk. So with my time growing short and palate tiring I of course I was only able to sample about a dozen of many vintners represented. All in all it was what I would call instructive and a good use of my time. I plan to attend again next year and since it was also open to the public this would a great opportunity for the "newbies" to try out some new wines and broaden their palates perspective. It was $40.00 per person, with an opportunity to taste through some 200 plus different wineries. Quite a bargain! Until next time cheers everyone!


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