Has your wine cellar "spiraled" out of control?

"The discovery of a wine is a greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars." ~ Benjamin Franklin

What do you do when you find a great bottle of wine at a fantastic price? If you think like I do, you'd likely buy the whole case instead of just a couple of bottles. But what often happens to me I can barely get one bottle into my current cellar, let alone a whole case [sigh]. The issue of space becomes problematic, you think, hmm, what about my garage? Ugh, too hot in the summer, or what about the pantry? Wait, where will put the pantry items I need to cook with? What if the solution was right under your feet? Now we're talking, so read on.

Second, if you're anything like me, you embrace wine-diversity. But keeping a few dozen different types of bottles, from different regions around the world in the cellar on standby can be a challenge. Even with a modest sized 200 bottle capacity cellar, maintaining region diversity [great for discovery] brings with it the unintended consequence of bottle shape diversity. Thus, you've just diminished that 200 count capacity quite a bit, just to accommodate uneven bottle sizes [been there done that].

Third, if you tend to keep some bottles for months or years before drinking them your 200 count bottle [average] capacity Eurocave or other storage systems, most likely won't cut it any longer. If you found yourself nodding in agreement with any of the scenarios above, then you just may want/need to consider a Spiral Cellar [which you see pictured below].

The first time I took a look at this concept, I was quite excited about it. When I shared this marvelous idea with Mrs. Cuvee, let's just say she was less than thrilled [insert eye-roll right here] and I thought sheesh what a buzz-kill.

"Go ahead, build a deep, dank dungeon, with a trap door no less, into your kitchen floor and of course your significant other will be so pleased with this idea." [wink, wink]

The question becomes, what to do? Well, you could always rent a backhoe and dig a hole in the backyard to create your ultimate cellar, or you could order another Eurocave or alternative storage system? Maybe, but what if you are just flat out of space to add another stand alone? This system from Spiral Cellars may very well be that answer to those questions. It may be time to dig-down-deep, but before you do, I've outlined some of the pros and cons below.

Well then I may have the answer you've been looking for, a visit from the folks at Spiral Cellars who can for about 30k [ouch] on average, get to the bottom [literally] of your wine storage issue[s]. Who knows, it just may be the ticket to finding that "right-size" cellar so many collectors or vino-sapiens would [need] love to have.

Seriously though, check out this option at Spiral Cellars [sadly I didn't have the coin to get one]. This solution appears to be an excellent (albeit, initially expensive) way to keep your wine chilling at the right temperature, save on energy costs and be "green-minded" all in one fell swoop.

You could potentially fill this cellar with up 1500 bottles or 125 cases. There are many sizes to choose from of course! You have an option for a glass trap door as well if you'd like to show off your latest innovation. Also, the kitchen is not the only place you can install it, why not in your living room? Someone kicked this idea over to my inbox, because they know just how out of control a cellar in the living room really is.... do you think this was a hint?

Pros: You have easy access to a nice sized [1500 bottle] collection, which I think is perfect for a couple who loves to entertain and drink wine on a regular basis.

Second, you don't have the problem of those irregular sized bottles not fitting in your Eurocave or other wine storage system, where you have to pull shelves [that's what I call "pita"] out to accommodate those kind of bottles.

Third, it requires no energy to maintain your collection at preferred temperature, the only energy you will use is for lighting when you enter the cellar, to take out a few tasty treasures.

Fourth, much easier to find specific [vintage, varietal, type] bottles for the right occasion or pairing situation, because of the ease of organizing your purple treasures.

Fifth, umm there's of course the "coolness" factor, because if you had one of these in your home, you'd definitely impress some folks.

Cons: Okay yes there's a downside, as with everything in life. The cost is a bit prohibitive for a large majority of folks, including myself.

Second, digging a hole down into the foundation of your home may not be the best idea for structural integrity no matter what their engineer's tell you.

Third, well your friends or family may think you're just a kook [or eccentric at best] and further conclude that you should be heading to AA meetings to consult with your higher power.

My Recommendation: First take a look at this video, call them to discuss the potential project and then starting saving some serious coin you're going to need it. This is NOT a paid advertorial, just some a fun alternative to consider versus the tried and true stand-alone wine storage solutions. Did I purchase one? Sadly no, the licensing in my old domicile of California hard to come by. If you can afford it I would say I definitely recommend it enthusiastically until next time slurp long and prosper cheers!


Sonoma William said…
great article and idea!
Ash West said…
Love the look of these... but actually using one makes me feel a bit... claustrophobic for sure!

Ash at The Delightful Home

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