”Think inside the box”, the Black Box Wine concept

I’m so honored that Bill has asked me to do a guest post on Cuvee Corner. Mostly I’m honored because I consider Bill to be very wine educated and mostly I consider myself, not. Bill has been great to me and realizes that I’m on a wine journey. Also, I live in Wisconsin. While Bill has the opportunity to spend time in actual vineyards, I spend my time in virtual vineyards and keeping my selection to what the best wine distributers bring my way in Wisconsin.

With that said, I would love to review Black Box Wine. There are bunch of reasons why I’m reviewing this wine; I want to tempt you into trying something outside of the bottle. I’m also reviewing this wine because I’m a box wine supporter…. And I’m reviewing this wine … okay … because Bill asked me to.


Black Box Wines


2007 California

Size: 3 Litres

The Black Box Wine concept started when Ryan Sproule (vintner) realized that Europeans have been drinking high-end boxed wines for years. To them, the package was not the value … the wine was. So Ryan brought his idea to America. Of course we did have boxed wines already … you may know it as the “wine flavored” wine in a box of early years … I’ll leave you to guess who/what.

Black Box wine is on a mission to provide a great wine at an affordable everyday price. This way – we can have wine all the time! In other words, as the box says …”Think inside the box”. Boxing and Bagging wine is also friendlier to our environment; it takes less energy to produce and transport.

Wondering about the taste? To me this has a high alcohol taste but the berry plum finish is warm and creates a great wine for everyday use. It’s not a complex wine however … it’s also not lacking.

I actually love getting this wine for a group of friends, it’s convenient to bring to a party and it’s equal to bringing 4 bottles of wine. This makes the party a LOT of fun! … well… as long as I’m at the party too.

Black Box Wines is trying to lift itself out of the “boxed wine” stigma – It’s black packaging and it’s video contest of last year … may help more people see this wine as a premium box wine to take out in public!

Have you tried a boxed wine yet?

Cheers to boxes!


This review was written by guest contributor Jennifer of  Jennifer Reviews and see many of her many other great wine reviews and other product reviews. She is also a prolific Tweeter so if you not currently following her, please click here to here to follow her.


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