Nearly Naked Chardonnay

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Have you ever wanted see winemakers, just for once free the grapes and perhaps see them run naked in the streets [damn voyeurs]? If so great, because making a splash upon the collective parched palates everywhere, is the 2009 Foppiano RRV Chardonnay. 

If you love nearly-naked Chardonnay, then this wine is the ticket for you. Not only is it reasonably priced, it's also a very well made wine that's drinking nicely now, and should improve a bit with more bottle age [6 months to a year]. 

While this is not really a cocktail style of wine, it's style of Chardonnay which will pair with many light entrees and appetizers. If I had a recommendation for Team Foppiano, personally I'd consider possibly the move to the screw-cap and you'll sell the whole lot, just like that [see me snapping my fingers]. Until next folks sip long and prosper, cheers.

It's with great pleasure [sorry, no pomp or circumstance though] I welcome in each one of you once more for another spin of the globe to find another delightful bottle of vino. This wine hails from Sonoma, California specifically the Russian River Valley, produced and vinted by one of Sonoma's oldest wineries, Foppiano Vineyards.

Chardonnay, easy to say and even easier to drink, the green-skinned grape variety used to make easily one of the worlds most easily recognizable varietals in the entire world. 

However many folks who find themselves in the card carrying ABC crowd have already fled the scene [no wait come back], clicking their way across the internet-universe attempting to escape being put upon by another review of Chardonnay. Okay I totally get that, so if that is you please bear with me for just a moment, because there's some good news just below.

The Good News: Winemakers have heard the pleas for far less intervention and dialed down use of oak, allowing the grapes to speak for themselves. They are willing to meet you in the mushy middle and make some compromises. 

For example, I believe Foppiano's winemaker Natalie West has heard you, she seized upon the opportunity with this new addition to their portfolio to make a wine which should even please a card-carrying-member of the ABC movement and get their lees [um, no not your jeans] stirring.

Nearly Naked: Foppiano's winemaker has listened to the plight of the ABC crowd and came up with a formula, a recipe if you will, for what I call Nearly Naked Chardonnay [time to take a peek under the hood]. So what does that Nearly Naked formula look like? 

From what I gather it looks a little like this; starting with a little night harvesting to minimize oxidation of the fruit, only 30% of this Chardonnay goes through malolactic fermentation, here's the best part only 35% New French Oak barrels and a whopping 65% was neutral French Oak and spending just 10 months on wood and finally barrels were blended before bottling enabling the "naked" fruit to shine through. See your time has come, give it a swirl.

Swirl, Sniff, Slurp: In the glass a golden hue hay colors the core of this wine shimmering in my glass. On the nose this medium bodied Chardonnay, flaunts it nearly naked style with classic apple and citrus aromas, and tinged with floral notes, with just a touch of spice. After splash-down, the mouthfeel is creamy, hides its oak influences well, nicely complex, suggesting anise, cinnamon, apples and citrus and a splash of yogurt. A crisp mouth watering wine perfect for pairing with grilled fish or chicken, that has not been fooled or fussed around with too much.

What's the score: Before I flop out the score, let me preface my remarks by saying I not one of the "card-carrying" member of the ABC movement, nor am I an Acid Freak. You could however classify me as someone who loves balance [moderation is the name of the game]. 

I have dubbed this wine as "Nearly Naked" and while I appreciate this attempt to reach across the aisle, I think the reins were held just a bit too tight. So here it's my score for this wine is 87 points, but for the folks in love with Naked Chardonnay style, you will love this wine far more and want to grab as much as you can.

Price and Where to Purchase: Okay the SRP in the tasting room is $20 and I seen the price at few places online for $18. If you wanted to grab it from BevMo, you'll have to ask them to order it for you. Filed under just saying: Maybe some enterprising wine "smarty" at Costco will buy the whole lot and sell it for a stunningly lower price point, somewhere just south of $15.

Other Voices: Okay so it looks like their PR firms "gets" social media and has got word out on their 2009 Chardonnay via many other wine blogs, who've already beat me to the punch and published their reviews. 

So it's great pleasure, that I give you a snippet of review by none-the-other than the "famous" La Jolla Mom who had this say; "It’s not a complicated wine and is very easy to drink.  Balanced is the word that comes to mind. I know a lot of moms that would enjoy this in similar situations. Don’t over think, just enjoy" she gave a it score of FOUR smiley faces!

Full Disclosure: Yes folks this was a media sample that was sent last year for the review process.


Thanks for the recommendation and I love a food-friendly Chard to enjoy with a fabulous meal. Cheers!
Will Eyer said…
Hey Stephanie,

This wine is definitely built as a food friendly quaff. Give it a swirl and let me know what you think.


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