Wine and Roses Charity Wine Event: Huge Vino Sale

Hey San Diego, if you would like to support a good cause, taste some great vino, snack on some very tasty chef inspired snackage and get a great deal on some seriously good juice this is the weekend to take care of both those desires. Have you been looking for something to do this weekend? It's going to a winetastic weekend here in San Diego and you really don't want to miss out on this opportunity to get your hands on wine-competition tried, tested and awarded vino that will put a smile on your face for many months and for some years to come.

What is the Wine and Roses: Wine & Roses is a companion event to the San Diego International Wine Competition this competition is held each April. The wines, which are awarded medals at the Competition, agree to donate a case of their award winning wine to Wine & Roses. The upcoming event is this Sunday, June 12, 2011, where everyone can enjoy a wonderful afternoon tasting delicious Wines and eating foods from some of San Diego's best restaurants. Entry into the event is $65 online and tickets can still be purchased at the door for $75, which grants you access to all the vino and snacks you could possibly enjoy while doing your part for a great cause.

The Cause: Wine & Roses continues the tradition of sending children to "summer-camp" at Camp Oliver in Descanso. How does that happen? Wonderful folks like you, who attend the Wine and Roses Tasting event this Saturday, purchasing cases of award winning wine, with all the proceeds in hand Wine and Roses supplies needy children [who otherwise would not be able to attend camp because of the cost] wishing to attend camp the opportunity to do so. This great tradition is carried out each year via the Social Service Auxiliary who began assisting the Sisters of Social Service with their work in San Diego County. If you wold like to learn more please click here.

Reserve Tasting: Now if you want to step it up a notch and like your favorite vinyl get into the deep cuts, I would recommend  Robert Whitley's Private Reserve tasting, which will be in the Versailles ballroom. I would definitely not miss this great opportunity to sample some amazing juice.

Here's the Skinny: According the director of the San Diego International Wine Competition one of the most attractive features of Wine & Roses, which is San Diego's oldest charity wine tasting, is the opportunity to purchase cases of medal-winning wine at steep discounts [my kind of event]. You'll will be able to choose from more than 400 cases of wine which have earned either a silver, gold or platinum medal at this years San Diego International Wine Competition. Now you maybe wondering where to get these gems, if I were I would make a B-line for the ground-floor courtyard of the Westgate Hotel which is where you will find all the vino-deals. Do yourself another favor, get a few cases bring some of those reusable wine carrying bags  to facilitate easy transport of your gems straight to your vehicle and by the way as always the early bird gets the worm so feel free to line up as early as possible [sale starts at 2PM] to secure the best choices at the wine-cellar of the Wine and Roses event and there's no limit to the amount you can purchase.


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