Fermented Thoughts: Kicking Pinot Noir to the Curb?

"Seems like now days ain't nothin' meant to last
One day you've got it all and then it disappears so fast
And you know our love is on and off again
Well, I know you wanna quit me, baby,
But a quitter never wins." Jonny Lang

We've all had at one time, or the other desired to kick an old tired relationship or perhaps even a bad habit to the "proverbial" curb. That's right the "don't let the screen door hit your ever-expanding posterior on the way out" kind of punt. I know I have felt that way from time to time about past relationships, habits, jobs and have even acted on those thoughts and feelings in one way or the other.

But when it comes to wine, I really don't think I could ever do that, especially in the case of one of my favorite varietals, which is Pinot Noir. Its seductive prowess is too much for most mortal vino-sapiens to over-come, myself included. I can't do what is being suggested by Lettie Teague in her column I read recently; Saying Goodbye to Pinot Noir—for a While. Perhaps her love-affair with the Pinot Noir grape can be better described by the Classic-Rock super-stars Led Zeppelin who had once sung, "You know I can't quit you baby, so I'm gonna put you down for a while".

I read this article not so long ago and just thought "what are you talking about?" As much as I like and appreciate her columns, but with all due respect, I thought, "Oh c'mon these types of articles are nothing new." The wine writing community could do much better, Lettie Teague had written a similar tired trope type article, not long ago, about how the "fad" of Super Tuscan's had faded away. Mainly because of the expense and secondly because these styles of wine(s) had run their course, replete with the familiar catchphrase 'fifteen seconds of fame,' so now, to grind out a bit more content, it was time to move on to other varietals which need to be given the heave-ho sort of speak. Insert eye rolls here.

Okay, I know, I know, I totally get the "hey give other varietals a swirl" speech, and variety is the spice of life soapbox lecture, but to intimate that you will be kicking the varietal to the proverbial curb for the foreseeable future, is in my opinion just plain silly, no, in fact, it's outright redonkulous.

So with that said, I like to roll out for you ten Pinot Noir producers who are making excellent juice, in most cases, just under two Jackson's $40 (depending on where you shop) that in my opinion will impress the hell out of your palate. Because as I've personally experienced many of these wines more than once and are wines representative of my own small cellar at home. Here comes my familiar catchphrase, "you can pay more, but it does not always mean you will get more." So with no further ado, here are some of my favorite new world Pinot Noir producers.

Give some these wines a swirl and tell me if I'm dead wrong or right on the mark. I think you will come away with one thought, "Umm, kicking Pinot Noir to the curb is not something I ever plan to do." In the end, I think most of us are explorers by nature, and you surely don't need me to tell you where to take your palate on vacation. But, I would invite each and every one you to continue to explore the diverse selection of wines that are just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Until next time everyone, please remember, life is short, so sip long and prosper cheers!


Wine Tonite! said…
Kick Pino to the curb? No freakin way... I'd have to kill myself first ; )
Will Eyer said…
Hey Ed,

That does seem to be the kind of passion PN elicits from those who imbibe upon its fab flavors and aromas.

I think we should all just say "no" to the proposed Pinot Noir abstinence plan!

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