Wine of the Week: Zonin Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso 2008

"Winemaking is a culture of renegades, we love a difficult year, we don't want customers to deal with that, we want our wines to be dependable, for investors, collectors and the everyday drinker"~ Peter Gago

Wow, it's Wine Wednesday once again, time to uncork another wine of the week. In this weeks spot-light is the The 2008 Zonin Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso.  a very dependable everyday drinker, sent for the review process.

The Ripasso in the review spotlight today is just one in a line of delicious well made wines eager to please even the most adventurous of wandering-winos; looking for wines which will pair effortlessly with many types of Italian Cuisine, while at the same time not breaking the bank. Let me tell you folks that in this day and age of tight finances, that is quite a welomed feat.

They have other wines in their line-up like the Moscato Castello del Poggio, another sample sent for the review process from the great folks at Zonin, who import high quality Italian wines. One, that really wowed me and my guests that day. Full of bright acidity, helping the lush pear, peach, and apple dance delightfully on my palate, the small bubbles are just an added attraction, well worth the price of the admission [$8.99]. A delightful aperitif wine, best paired with a spicy appetizer. Amazing QPR on this wine, I gave it 91 points, I'd buy this wine by the case load, one of the best examples of Moscato I've come across in a long time.

Everyone has a center in their universe, a guiding principal if you will and at the center of the Casa Vinicola Zonin Winery's universe is the land, the soils of the estates-which yield some of the very best Italian winesa nd particularly those at Gambellara, where this family of small farmers has steadily handed down, from one generation to the next, a sense of the vine’s life and its beauty. A life and beauty wonderfully expressed in each glass, from the first pour to the last drop to fall from the bottle.

In the glass the Valpolicella delivers a deep velvety-red garnet colors await the first pour. On the nose, you can expect to find layers of ripe aromas; wild-cherry jam, spice and hints of cedar. After the first slurp, this wine delivers rich, dry, black-cherry flavors, with cacao and spice playing nicely in the background. This wine culminates in a finish that is long, round, and persistent. A great companion for the evening dinner table. By the way; this wine sell for just under $20 [srp] and I gave it a hearty score of 90 points.

On the question of what to pair? A common question asked everyday by foodies and even the garden variety accidental tourist. Okay so now you have an idea of how this wine will unwind in the glass after it's uncorked but what about the food pairing? Zonin Valpolicella, seems to pair perfectly with red meats, crisp fall days roast and even grilled dishes, wild-game, braised meats, and a variety of well aged cheeses. I hoped that list, helped to narrow down your list of choices for the evening. I went for the round-eye roast I picked up from my local Costco, for just seven bucks, enough to feed a small army or a family of four hungry vino-sapiens.

Sorry I know the image is a bit fuzzy this time, but if you quickly scroll the image up and down it appears to achieve more focus, just try it, you will see what I mean. A hearty Valpolicella; is always a favorite and this wine will definitely become a favorite here at Casa-Cuvee, and definite staple I'd recommend for any dinner table, until next time, sip long and prosper, cheers!


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