McLaren Vale Uncorked: 2007 Marquee McLaren Vale Signature Shiraz

The thrill of giving a new wine a go is nearly paramount to opening up presents on Christmas morning and finding exactly what you wanted in the neatly wrapped package, is just like having that ah-ha moment with a freshly uncorked bottle that really tickles the taste-buds. In this review, you will discover with me just that, the thrill of new discoveries.

It's funny to note, that in direct comparison to most other wine-producing regions; that very little of Australia's landmass is actually suitable for producing wine. Yet, when measured regarding total production; Australia ranks as number six in the top ten list of all wine producing nations. The wine featured in this review hales from the Fleurieu Peninsular Zone, the home of the McLaren Vale region where fruit forward, soft tannins and bold aromas styles of red wine entice, sip after sip.

We loved this delicious bottle of Shiraz, it was unusually smooth and less peppery and less inky them most Shiraz on the shelves these days. The 2007 Marquee McLaren Vale Signature Shiraz, in my opinion, a great example of what Shiraz is and should be.

This delicious wine is one I encountered while on a cruise through the Panama Canal just weeks ago now; it had a creamy texture, full body and loads of black licorice and mocha café aromas and blueberries hints and tickled my senses with a candy nose. My husband and I enjoyed it very much, too bad the ship only had 3 bottles of this wonderfully balanced food-friendly wine in stock, as this was one tasty sexy bottle, worth seeking out and amazingly selling for under $20.

The above tasting note was authored by Honey Bun, her non-deplume, who's a guest contributor to the Cuvée Corner Wine Blog. Just below I wanted to introduce you to HB [as she will be known] and in her own words. All of her reviews are honest, straightforward and above all organic. She knows her way around a wine bottle and is very passionate about sharing her thoughts and impressions on the wines she drinks. So if you would please welcome her in the comment section below.

About the Author: I truly enjoy wine tasting, it's my passion, it awakens my senses and sometimes ignites a specific sense, that will bring back a fond memory or even a particular smell will evoke an emotion. I love the opportunity Bill has given me, to share this passion for wine discovery with the folks reading this blog. The more I learn and discover new wines, the more I find that I discover about myself as well. I live in Canada, wine is part of my everyday life, which I love to share with my friends and family. Please look forward to my next review soon, until next time cheers!


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