Wine of the Week: 2010 Hahn Family Wines GSM

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”  ~ Jane Howard

Another bright and beautiful week is about to unfold here in San Diego, the rains have cleared out, leaving clean crisp skies in its wake. The air is so fresh, and still a bit brisk in the early morning hours, that's for So-Cal standards. And best of all, this time of year makes for the perfect opportunity for my son and I to reconnect, hello Spring Break.

It's great to have my son home; spending part of his spring-break with me and the Mrs. and getting the oppportunity to share some fabulous wines from the great folks at Hahn Family Wines; with the newly minted 21 year old. As I sampled their wines, checked out their website, and even just looking at the bottle, the word family is emphazied; I totally get that, because these are the styles of wine which I'm proud to share with my own family and friends and recommend to you my readers.

While I unfortunatley had other previous commitments which kept me away from particpating fully in last week's Central Coast Wine day, I wanted to once more highlight this fantastic GSM, from Hahn family wines; the same wine which won the San Diego International Wine Competition for "Best of Class Rhone Blend". I was sent a sample for Central Coast Wine Day, and just had the occasion the other night to share it with my family; giving it a swirl once more, I am still very impressed with a wine that retails for just $14 can be such a rock-star of finesse. While visiting their website; I found that they have an incredibly useful tool, it's wine finder, you pick the wine you want from the drop-down list, enter a zip-code and botta-bing, botta-boom it locates where you can make a purchase from a local brick-n-mortar [San Diego readers take note]. Of course you could just purchase said wine directly via their easy to use web-store.

In the glass you’ll be welcomed by lightly colored crimson heading toward ruby hues. Sticking my fat nose in the glass, bang-bang berry fruit aromas rush to meet you with reckless abandon, with just a hint of underlying smoky spices. Upon the initial splash down; savory oak, while evident, plays nicely in the background, while red and dark fruit characters make a raucous noise on the playground. This wine also displays a fine depth of deep, spicy fruit flavor, hints of cinnamon and licorice characters fall softly on a background of dusty, soft ripe tannins. The trio of dark fruit; is well supported by a long, elegant finish. Again I have to point out; that getting all of this for under $20, is a crazy stupid price. Really what else are you waiting for? Get moving stock on this wine folks, stock up! I’m giving this wine 91 points and anointing it as the, “wine of the week” with an exclamation point. Until next folks, sip long and prosper, cheers!


Can't wait to try this one for myself! Great post!
Will Eyer said…
I really can't say enough good things about how a wine in this price point, over delivers! By the way, their 09 Meritage, will wow you as well. Both wines are made in a drink now and drink often style, to which I say, Cheers!
Marcy Gordon said…
The Hahn GSM was one if my favorites on #CCWineDay too.
Will Eyer said…
Their GSM is a rock solid value. What more could one ask of a wine in that price point?
Thanks for the kind words. Of course we love it too. Just one more nugget of winemaking wizardry from our Paul Clifton.
Wandering Wino said…
I must agree that under $20 this is a buy all day long.

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