Summer Time in San Diego: White Bordeaux Blanc

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summers day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time." — John Lubbock

Taking a bit of inspiration from my friend Susan, who lives just a stones-throw from the beach and who took that picture. I started to think about what many call the end of summer. Yes, yes on our collective calendars, they all tell us that summer is reaching its end.

The kids are heading back to school, while parents breath in a sigh of relief and football is back on TV. The shops are busily preparing for the upcoming fall fashions; where god-forbid a parade of ugly sweaters will rush to greet us at every turn [ugh].

But here in San Diego, we have had and always will have an extended summer, one which goes well into the depths of the fall. The water might have started turning a little cooler, but the sun still beams warmly upon our faces, giving us all the year around color so many folks around the country can only hope for, outside of the tanning beds.

So what to drink is the question many thirsty vino-sapiens have on their minds, especially those who don't want to spend a fortune on a bottle of wine; they'd just like it to taste like it does [this wine pictured above sells for $6.99]. To have a glass of wine like this, one that transports them for just a moment to another place and time, a glass of wine that says, "yes, summer is still here" so enjoy its warmth while it lasts, but embrace my gentle and carefree spirit.

Can a bottle of wine say all of that? That's a good question, one for whom only the person holding the glass and drinking in that alluring elixir can answer. Draw your own conclusions, make your own judgments, but an excellent glass of wine at the right time and with the right people can be for some a transformative moment, even if that moment is just fleeting at best, still I say lean into it for all you can.

That bit of esoteric thought stated the wine pictured above is a delectable summertime delight. It's light and refreshing wine, a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle and is often merely referred to as white Bordeaux Blanc. What you find in wines like that is that modern producers have taken a new approach by increasing skin contact, aging on the yeast and have fermentation in the barrel has been added in some cases as well to give a fatter and rounder mouth-feel. These styles of wine are made in a drink now and drink often style, so please plan accordingly. What you'll find in each slurp and big gulp is subtle pineapple skin, lemon curd, a bit of honey, they're full and lively and plumbed with vibrant acidity which brings the whole package together nicely.

I'm not even going to score this wine from Château Petit-Freylon, but trust me, as Susan did, this a great bottle of wine to unwind with on a warm summer evening, whether it's here in San Diego or elsewhere. I'm going to go out on a bit of limb here, I, of course, am no weather-man, but as a long time resident of the city, I want to make a bit of a prediction. I sorry to say this, but I see an Indian Summer on tap for San Diego, it's going to be hot-hot-hot. It's my hope for everyone reading this; that even though official summer is about to be packed away until next year, that you will all continue to sip long and prosper cheers!


Wine Lounge said…
Summer time in San Diego is always exciting. The new wine bottle of White Bordeaux looks awesome. Green colour looks sizzling on it.
Will Eyer said…
Yeah, you're right the chilled green bottle of BDX Blanc really says everything, without saying anything!
Jason Phelps said…
I try to keep summer drinking alive in New England as long as possible. We usually see some level of daytime warmth through September, but after that the burlier wines and stronger beers just taste better paired with the nip in the air.

At that price point I need to find some of that wine!

Will Eyer said…
Hey Jason,

Yeah good points, I guess I shouldn't just assume it's only San Diego with the warm temps far into the fall months.

But yeah at this price point, a light bodied summer wine, makes for a nice quaff on a warm day!
Kristy Kelley said…
We always get an Indian Summer here in the Midwest. And I must try this wine along with it! Thanks for the suggestion.

-- Kristy @ Wine Logic
Will Eyer said…
Hey Kristy,

Hope you find this one or something similar to it. It's tasty treat to swirl, slurp and gulp on a warm Indian-Summer afternoon, a real thirst slaker fo-sure!

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