Bordeaux Uncorked: An Evening with Chateau Thieuley

"Let’s just stipulate that in the hierarchy of pleasures, people come first. Now that we agree on that, good food and drink can help make any party better." -- Eric Asimov

Welcome to Monday, I trust everyone had a wine-tastic weekend. Because I know I did, in fact I had a relaxing evening hanging out with Mrs. Cuvee's [work] colleagues, residents new and former. I was tasked with bringing a couple bottles to share for the evenings festivities. Sadly even after the delightful sound of the cork being "popped" few had any interest in the vino, mostly due in part [I suspect] to their lack of familiarity with Bordeaux, someone even asked [surprisingly] "what is Bordeaux?".

But that question made for a unique springboard opportunity to dive into a conversation about what Bordeaux is and the many types and styles of wine it has to offer the average vino-sapien. Any chance for me to blather on and on endlessly [or so it seemed] about the virtues of wine exploration and the uniqueness of Bordeaux would be an opportunity I would relish. Mrs. Cuvee was even a bit surprised by my more than talkative nature that evening. But I told her, it was simply what happens when the right button is pushed. 

The appetizer of choice for me? No it was not the salsa and chips [as there wasn't a cerveza in sight] no instead a simple hummus and the rather delightful sea-salted pita-chips which they offer by the pallet. Some fresh fruit added a bit of a foil to the chick-pea delight, while the wine sang a capella in the background, a delightful summer evening pairing to say the least. Even after the smoked wild-caught salmon joined the dining festivities, the wine still held its ground nicely. 

A Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon blend often referred to as a White Bordeaux, was not a stunning wine. It was not one that would make anyone think "oh-wow what is this", but it is a wine I'd buy again and recommend. It's great to have wines like this in the cellar, ready to go at a moments notice. It really makes for an ideal way to dress up a lazy summer evening, with friends, family or even the occasional co-worker get togethers. This wine sells most places for about $15, I gave it a score of 87 points. 

It has real soul and substance to it; a nice blaze of acid pinning the [fruit driven] Semillon to the mat and vibrant minerality to keep things interesting. In my mind it was the perfect wine [apple/pear lemon butter] for the occasion, simple, light and most of all refreshing. Each, sip and slurp had me thinking about what it must be like to sit on a porch/veranda in Bordeaux, relaxing with friends and family, and perhaps watching the sunset over the vineyards. 

If you'd like to know more them and the other wines they offer, they have a fun and inviting website that you should check out. A winery which boasts of modern sophistication, but one that has not forgotten the path of tradition that has got them where they're today. Until next time folks remember life is short, so sip long and prosper cheers!  

[Full Disclosure: The wine appearing in this review was a sample]
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