Wine of the Week: 2010 Umani Ronchi, San Lorenzo Rosso Conero

"In vino veritas," or "There's Truth in Wine,” is referring to the often confessional loquacity of the intoxicated. ~ Pliny the Elder

It was just two weeks ago that I encountered [tasted] the San Lorenzo Rosso Conero and it still has me thinking about it; which is why it's my wine of the week. The price point is an incredible [on average] $15 most places. This wine would do amazingly well by the glass and even better as the Wednesday evening wine of choice. I gave it a solid score of 87 points.

This wine is a smooth operator, one boasting of 100% Montepulciano pure varietal expression, produced from grapes grown in the Marches region of Italy in the Conero DOC [which has a long history of grape growing].

I had tasted this wine at work and assume it was already open from at least the day before, arriving at my location in a wine-tote. That said, once in the glass the aromas jumped from glass, danced and sung a merry tune of invitation, the pure red berry fruit and ripe dark plum sing a happy tune.

A youthful wine which is very approachable now, it's made for early and often quaffing. This is a wine to purchase by the case and drink over the course of the year, a mid-week no-brainer to be sure. I love discovering wines like this, they are the uncomplicated, I don't have to think about what to pair with this style of wine, one which lend themselves so effortlessly to many styles and types of food. 

This wine softly grabs you by the palate, whispering "I'm floral, have vibrant minerality, a pinch of cedar, hints of sandalwood, cherry and dark plum dance around my dusty well integrated tannins and I have just the right amount of acidity to keep you coming back for more." 

And you don't have to be intoxicated to see that truthfully this a wine has real soul and substance, one that sells not for a King's ransom, but instead with everyday affordability in mind. So until next time folks remember folks, life is short, so please sip long and prosper cheers!


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