Wine of the Week: 2009 Foradori Granato

It has been said, "Wine buffs write and talk as though the food and wine will be in your mouth at the same time, that one is there to be poured over the other.  This is bullshit.  Gustatory enjoyment comes from food and wine and cigars of your liking.  So far no one has said that a Monte Cristo is the only cigar to smoke after Armagnac, Romeo and Juliet after Calvados ... but the time may yet come." ~ Clement Freud

Clement here makes some good points and he is right who am I tell you what to drink or eat for that matter? I mean c'mon we can all agree, that each of us should drink/eat what we like. But like the patrons who visit the wine store where I work, who often look for my recommendations and or opinions on certain wines before making their purchase, I only offer my impressions for your and their consideration; what you or they do with that advice is ultimately in your hands. 

I can tell you this though; many customers over the years come back to the shop and tell me how happy they are with my recommendations. I've even recommended wines while working the wine demo scene in a local San Diego Costco, only to have a customer who was visiting from Atlanta and who had purchased quite a few cases based on my recommendation to enthusiastically thank me via an out of the blue phone call. But again, please drink what you like, but if I may be so bold, if you'd like to drink better than the average vino-sapien, then please stick around for this review and the many to follow.

After being uncorked on a Thursday evening, and sealed up via a vacu-vin at the end of [COB] evening, opening the bottle again on Friday evening brought much joy. This wine improved significantly, the fruit was far more accessible, the tannins had mellowed and the fine ground minerality was much more evident. It's a bottle that just needed a few hours of decanting or uncorking the day before, to be fully enjoyed the next. I'm so glad I had another opportunity to get to know this fantastic Northern Italian gem better.

The 2009 Granato is 100% Teroldego [a new grape to me] comes from three different vineyards of the Campo Rotaliano in the Trentino-Alto Adige region in Northern Italy, very near the border of Slovenia in the appellation of Vigneti delle Dolomiti [IGT].

Many other reviewers have given this wine outstanding scores and praise, I echo a few of those sentiments but slow my roll just a bit, when it comes to the use of the word phenomenal or other jumping up and down adjectives. This wine is a beauty no doubt, offering gorgeous aromas of blackberries, dark cherries, herbs, and stiff but drying tannins. You also may notice subtle hints of coffee and lovely fine ground minerality and a vivid underlying acidity bringing the balance.

While this wine demonstrates amazing depth, underlying power and a medium sized finish, it does require patience. It’s not a wine that comes dressed to impress right away, it’s a bit of a wallflower. To fully enjoy this wine, bust out the decanter many hours before you plan to get out onto the dance floor via your empty wine stem. 

This wine is a real beauty, consider honestly seeking it out. It's a unique experience that will bring you much joy. I can't go 94 points on it, like so many have, but I'd give it at least it a solid 91 points. It sells for $54 most places and is bottled under a cork closure. Until next time folks please remember life is so short, don't settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary, slurp long and prosper cheers!
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