Wine of the Week: Clos Magne Figeac Saint-Emilion 2010

“Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know.”  

I was asked the question recently, do you do Bordeaux? Do I "'do" Bordeaux, ha, did Debbie do Dallas? Hell yes, I do Bordeaux and in my ever not so humble opinion, if you're not into Bordeaux it's only because you don't understand it yet, or you are not able to appreciate it subtleties. For any vinosapien raised up on California wine, Bordeaux is a shock to the system, leaving most folks befuddled by a word not often found in New World wines, restraint. 

My wine of the week comes from Clos Magne Figeac Saint-Emilion 2010, and unfortunately this vintage is not widely available as yet. This wine did come to my attention via CIVB, who had it sent as a sample. There's still plenty of 2009 taking up shelf space at local retailers. It comes from a producers whose vineyards had been originally held by the world-renowned Chateau Figeac, hence the namesake still on the bottle. 

One of the 100 Top Wines $55 and under picked by an august panel of experts to represent the best of reasonably priced Bordeaux available in 2014, wines which over deliver in this price category. A delicious Merlot dominated blend, perfumed with 22% Cabernet Franc. Still a very young wine, sporting youthful tannin and grip, dark ripe plums and ripe blackberry fruit sing a marry tune, on the mid-palate, filling your mouth with joy, but a spine of acid keeps things harmonious. 

The other usual suspects also attend the party, leather, underbrush and licorice. The finish is long and pleasing; you'll be sad when this bottle is gone, of that, there is no doubt. That said, once this vintage hits store shelves, don't hesitate, this is case purchase territory. The average price for this wine is $24 and that price it's hard to beat. My score for this wine is a solid 90 points. 


Great article Bill, proving that you can afford a good Bordeaux...!
I just ordered 6 Bordeauxs online. And now I am reading your review! I will add this to my list for my next Bordeaux purchase. You are right, the price is too good to pass up. Thank you. Cheers!
Bill Eyer said…
Hi Pascale, Thanks so much, I love bargain Bordeaux cheers!
Bill Eyer said…
Hi Michele,

Oh six bottles of Bordeaux you say? Ha, so did I, what did you get? This one is the review, I couldn't find this vintage, so it will have to wait.


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