Fine Tuning @ Domaine Faiveley

Well the premiere of this new films series from Wilson Daniels, Fine Tuning at Domaine Faiveley has come and gone and I was asked to review the short film and also one of their wines.
I had the opportunity to taste the Domaine Faiveley Montagny, Cote Chalonnaise, a Burgundian white wine (a Chardonnay 2006).
Price: 28.00, Alc. 12.8%
Appearance: the clarity was bright
Color: pale yellow @ the rim and the core was light straw
Nose: Aromas of a thinly sliced granny smith apple
Palate: Tepid sweetness, crisp acidity, with stony fruit on the palate, a somewhat thin body, but the finish is where you can lightly taste some of the restrained girth of the fruit. Drink now or hold through 2012
Typically not the type of Chardonnay I enjoy as it spent 14 months in stainless steel. Drink within 5 minutes after refrigeration for maximum enjoyment.

Regarding the movie, for me it was a rewarding experience. Often when you think of French wines and the French in general, the first phrase which comes to my mind is "One of a stern or strict bearing or demeanor; forbidding in aspect" but young (25) owner of the J. Faiveley comes across in this short movie is his sense of humbleness (not willing to sit on his laurels) and the respect Erwan has for tradition is refreshing.
I would love to hear your thoughts and impressions of this short movie!
How did I get there? Well when Erwan Faiveley says, "You don't own the vineyard, the vineyard owns you" and Erwan further says, "when you drink the wine from Domaine Faively he wants you to think of one thing, that is who made the wine and where it came from." Terroir is very important!
Being someone who has been largely a domestic wine drinker for the most part, seeing the film increased my interest in wanting to taste more wine from Domaine Faiveley and a deeper appreciation for French wine. I recommend taking a look at this short film and give it a thumbs up!
*Erwan Faiveley, the seventh generation to lead Domaine Faiveley, discusses his wineries distinct position as one of the largest vineyard owners in Burgundy, as well as new vineyard acquisitions, recent changes in wine making philosophy and his vision for the future.


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