Paso Robles, a tale of two cities!

Hey everyone,

Just got back from my trip to Paso a couple of days ago. What a great place! The town is not too big, but it does have a lot going on. Especially if dining is on your mind, great menus and good service are the norm. Wine, the sky is the limit! No metered parking and the traffic is non-existent. The folks here are down to earth and very friendly.

I call this a tale of two cities because of the east/west dividing line of the vineyards. I will be writing about my adventures in Paso over the next few weeks. There is so much to talk about! A series entitled, "Paso Robles East vs. West, a tale of two cities" I will also be including a huge photo album of the Paso wine experience. I am in the process of editing and articulating my thoughts. (No it will not be as stuffy, as I just made it sound) it was another fun adventure in wine country. I will give you the good, the bad and the ugly! Not too much of latter two, though!

But there were a few.

In regards the wine experience there, like my last blog about the movie trailer, "a sense of place" you will see why I have entitled my blog series "a" tales of two cities! If you have been there you already know what I mean, if not then you will.

Until then Cheers!


Anonymous said…
If you need any input, we would more then happy to talk. I have been in Paso Robles for 30 years, so I have a little insight about our town.

Jack Erhart
Will Eyer said…
Thanks again for stopping by, I'm in the process of developing my series about my experiences in Paso and I appreciate the offer. I will probably take you up on that the insights offer. Until then, Cheers!

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